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The Little Mermaid- Her Voice with lyrics

Her Voice is a song from "The Little Mermaid on Broadway". In the song, Eric is determined to find the girl who saved his life and sang to him, but doesn't realize it's Ariel til later on. It will be used in "MCF: The Pumpkin Singer" where Jacko falls in love with Bella after he heard her sing and watches her leave Chalkzone, kick-starting the plot.

Lyrics Edit

PRINCE ERIC Where did she go? Where can she be? When will she come again Calling to me? Calling to me... Calling to me...

Somewhere there's a girl Who's like the shimmer of the wind upon the water somewhere there's a girl Who's like the glimmer of the sunlight on the sea Somewhere there's a girl Who's like a swell of endless music Somewhere she is singing And her song is meant for me

And her voice It's sweet as angels sighing And her voice It's warm as summer sky And that sound It haunts my dreams And spins me 'round Until it seems I'm flying... Her voice!

I can sense her laughter In the ripple of the waves against the shoreline I can see her smiling In the moonlight as it settles on the sand I can feel her waiting Just beyond the pale horizon Singing out a melody too lovely to withstand

And her voice It's there as dusk is falling And her voice It's there as dawn steals by Pure and bright, it's always near All day, all night And still I hear it calling... Her voice

Strange as a dream... Real as the sea... If you can hear me now Come set me free... Come set me free!

Singers Edit

  • Prince Eric(The Little Mermaid Broadway)
  • Jacko(MCF: The Pumpkin Singer)

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