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Henry Bemis is a character from the Twilight Zone who appeared in the episode "Time Enough to Last". He is a meek man who is a bankteller(formally) and a bibliophilic. Bemis wanted more than time to read, to his community is deemed a silly. He is a man with Caucassian skin, curly blondish hair and mustache, round glasses, a tuxedo and shirt. He is portrayed by Burgess Meredith.

Bio Edit

In the episode, mld-mannered and myopic, bank teller Henry Bemis loves to read, but neither his shrewish wife nor efficiency-minded boss give him much chance. One day, while sneaking into the vault on his lunch hour to read, he is knocked unconscious by a mammoth shock wave. When he comes to, he discovers that the world has been devastated by a nuclear war and that he, having been protected by the vault, is the last man on Earth. At first he enjoys it as he doesn't have anybody to bother him anymore, but he realizes it's lonely. Almost driven to insanity, he decides to commit suicide, but at the final moment his eyes fall on the ruins of a library. For him, it is paradise. Gleefully he piles the books high, organizing his reading for years to come. But as he settles down to read the first book, his glasses slip off his nose and smash, trapping him forever in a hopelessly blurry world.

MCF Stories Edit

Henry Bemis appears as the Cartoon Town Public Library's librarian in the MCF series. It is revealed in the MCF-one-shot in Season 2, "Locked in the LIbrary" is that while time-traveling, Raina felt pity and took him back to the present where she also managed to fix his glasses and adjusts them so they wont' fall off. Seeing that the library was paradise, he becomes the library's librarian. In "MCF: Locked in the LIbrary", he has a main role where he accidentally closes up the library where Raina, Tricia, Rigby, and Mordecai are sleeping, leaving them stranded.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Locked in the LIbrary(Debut)
  • MCF: Brides of Bill Cipher

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first Twilight Zone character to be portrayed by Burgess Meridith. Ironically, his later character in "The Obsolete Man" is a librarian while Bemis is a bankteller who loves to read.
  • He is seen at times in the MCF series as he shows to be a father figure to the MCF and their friends..

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