Helga Sinclair
Helga Sinclair is a the secondary antagonist of Atlantis: The Lost Empire. She is a sexy woman who is also Rourke's buisness partner in the extordation of Atlantis. She has blonde hair, a white shirt, grey gloves, black sweater, green pants and shoes; she is voiced by Claudia Christian. 


Helga participates in the expedition that locates the Shepherd's Journal in Iceland. Being Commander Rourke's most trusted ally, she is privy to his secret objective in locating a giant crystal pictured in the book and selling it on the black market for a hefty price. Whitmore sends her to retrieve Milo James Thatch so that he would step in for his deceased grandfather Thaddeus Thatch in guiding the expedition to find Atlantis.

Serving as second-in-command of the expedition, she carries out Rourke's orders and later operates the Aqua-Evac carrying the executive members of the expedition when escaping theLeviathan after it destroys the Ulysses. Upon the discovery of Atlantis as a still thriving civilization, Helga expresses hesitation about the mission now that there are living people present. Nevertheless, she continues to follow Rourke in proceeding with locating the giant crystal, discovered to be the Heart of Atlantis and the power source keeping the city alive.

She is present in witnessing Princess Kidagakash being infused with the Heart of Atlantis and is steadfast in her loyalty to Rourke after Milo pleads with the rest of the expedition to reconsider their actions. She and Rourke are on the Gyro-Evac that would carry them and the crystal back to the surface when Milo and the others return to engage in battle.

While her exact moment of death is not witnessed, she is presumed dead given the circumstances of having been thrown from an extraordinary height. If not, she was consumed by the lava once the volcano erupted. Her ex-partners ended up believing her body was crushed by the fiery remains of the zeppelin, with Cookie almost revealing her true fate during the debriefing before Audrey nudged him and thus changing her fate to missing.After Milo crashes his Ketak into one of the balloons, it begins to descend. After emptying the Gyro-Evac in an attempt to lighten the load, Rourke suddenly tries to throw her off to get the balloon ascending. Helga manages to swing back on and kick him around for breaking their partnership, but Rourke grabs her foot and with the words "nothing personal" he throws her off the balloon making her fall from an enormous height. She manages to survive long enough to get even with Rourke by firing a flare gun at the main balloon, thereby preventing him from ascending any further to the surface. As added irony, she also repeated Rourke's final words to her just prior to firing her gun.

MCF StoriesEdit

In the MCF series, Helga is mentioned from time tot ime, but she is one of the people who would like to get revenge on the Atlanteans, while all the while, is neutral based on her loyalty, but still on the bad side. 


  • MCF: The Mystery of Skyla(Debut)
  • MCF: Journey to Atlantis


  • Her situation near the end of the film is similar to Fidget from The Great Mouse Detective, even though he survived and reformed.
  • She has similarity to Bruton from Dinosaur, both are lieutenants who are being betrayed by main antagonists
  • Helga is so-far the only blonde female Disney villain.
  • She is the youngest female Disney villain to date, being roughly the same age as Milo.
  • Despite Helga hitting the ground from a great height there is no blood or gore visible. It is likely the blood or gore was censored as it would be disturbing for young children.
  • There is an anachrorism goof when Helga takes Milo to see Mr. Whitmore as she is seen wearing a black gala dress. These dresses didn't exist in the 1910s and would not be worn until about the 1930s.

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