Helga Pataki

Helga Geraldine "G" Pataki is the deuragonist of the show Hey Arnold. She is Arnold's on-off love interest, former bully to the titular character. She may look tough and cruel on the outside, but on the inside is sweet poetic and deeply cares for Arnold so much that she has a shrine to it. She has blonde hair in two straight pigtails, a pink ribbon and overall skirt with a white shirt and shoes; she's voiced by Francesca Marie Smith.


Abused emotionally by her father and neglected by both her father and her alcoholic mother, Helga lived a sheltered life until the day Arnold helped her. Since the years passed she has a crush on Arnold. However, to hide her feelings she bullies him every day. She has a locket of Arnold in her dress which she kept throughout the entire show to show her love for Arnold while at the same time, she stalks him and tries to ruin his dates with the girls he had crushes on like Ruth and Lila. In the movie, she finally confesses to him and kisses him, but Arnold thought it was at the heat of the moment.

She makes an appearence in "MCF: Shooting Stars" as one of the humans who befriends Wander's alien friends and helps them, the MCF and Mystery Inc prove that they are friendly and stop Lord Hater from invading the Earth again.


  • She was supposed to get a spinoff show, but it was never produced.
  • She has confessed her secret to Lila, Phoebe, Dr. Bliss and Brainy.
  • She is allergic to strawberries
  • She has been sneaking to DInoland since she was 7


  • MCF: Shooting Stars(Debut)

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