Heather is the main antagonist of Total Drama Island, later a secondary antagonist of the later seasons such as "Total Drama ACtion." she is a vain, stuck up snob who is not afraid to do anything to win especially get everybody else. SHe is a teenage girl with a maroon top, green shorts, sandals and long black hair; she is voiced by Rachel Wilson 


Heather is the main villain. During the series, she made alliances with naive Lindsay and geeky Beth, both who stood up to her later in the season and made a rival with Gwen and Leshawna. She gets her end in "the episode "I Triple Dog Dare You" where she gets her head shaven thus recieving an elimination because she didn't accept it.

SInce the Total Drama series, her hair is growing back, but still remiains her attitude.

She appears in "MCF: A Cinderella Story" as one of Jessy's evil stepsisters 


  • Heather is the first canidate to win a season in the US, not Canada
  • She has been in most episode of the series
  • She is the first main antagonist of the Total DRama series.
  • How and the girls become rivals will be revealed in a future story.


  • Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction(mentioned; The Mister-Miss Hyde Case)
  • MCF: A Cinderella Story(Debut)

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