Erika heart flower

The Heart Flower of Erika, a Cyclamen

The Heart Flowers are important items in the Heartcatch Precure series as well as an important item in the upcoming fanfic 'MCF and the Dream Pals: First Meeting'.


It is said that each Heart Flower's color and flower type mirrors the owner's feelings and personality, and no Heart Flower is the same. The meanings of the flowers used in the series are mostly from Japanese culture, Hanakotoba in particular. It is shown that a Heart Flower is capable of changing color if a new feeling is more dominant than the previous, but most of the time, the Heart Flower will wilt, which will happen to color-changed Heart Flowers if not cured in time, and if the flower is completely wilted for too long, the Tree of Hearts will weaken. However, regardless of how strong the negative feeling is, those feelings will always disappear when purified along with the Heart Flower.

When the Heart Flower is forced out, the body separates into two objects; one crystal containing the Heart Flower, and one crystal ball which has the suffering person imprisoned inside of it. The person can only return to normal if the Heart Flower is purified, and the crystals are put back together again. So far, only Precures has been seen purifying a wilting Heart Flower, and when it happens, the Heart Flower will start blooming again despite the owner's past feelings.

The Desert Apostles use wilting or negative Heart Flowers to form Desertrians, and it is stated that the more a Heart Flower is wilting, the stronger the Desertrian will be.

After a heart flower is returned to its owner and is cleansed, its Heart Seed forms and the Tree of Hearts recovers.

In the upcoming story 'MCF and the Dream Pals: First Meeting', the kidnappers uses their vicitem's Heart Flowers to creature their own Desertrians as well which are some of the creatures the two teams face up agaisnt together to recalm the vicitem's Heart Flowers and save the people captured as well.

Heart Flowers at Appeared in the MCF seriesEdit

The list is coming soon. Through the author has a few planned already she doesn't wish to list them yet due to spoilers to the stories.


  • Out of the Heartcatch Precures, Tsubomi's heart flowers is the only one not shown in the anime series while it showed Erika's, Itsuki's and Yuri's heart flowers.


  • MCF and the Dream Pals: First Meeting (Debut) (Coming soon)

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