Apple's Tale - Milton ignores questions

Headmaster Milton Grimm is a character on Ever After High. He is a very strict headmaster who is determined that the Royals get what they want and the Rebels keep away. Despite his bigoted nature, he wants to keep his school running. He has grey hair and a mustache, a fancy blue suit and green eyes. He is voiced by Jamieson Price.


Little is known about his days prior to Ever After High, but back then, he and his brother Giles were close. At one point, they met a genie called Gigi Grant and Giles convinced her finder to wish her a friend to accompany her throughout the ages. The result of this was Whisp, who was like a sister to Gigi. That is, until she grew resentful and dangerous. In response, Milton and Giles created a magic mirror to free any finder from Whisp's hold over them.

A long time passed until, in the year 1812, Milton and Giles founded Ever After High. Something happened after this that changed the brothers' relation for the worse and that left Milton in sole control of the school.

As headmaster, Milton is a strict man who insists that no one so much as considers ignoring their destiny. More than any other, he seems to fear that rebellion will lead to the loss of stories and eventually the fairytale figures' entire world. While understandable if true, Headmaster Grimm has no qualms about pointedly ignoring that some students have destinies that are anything but appealing.


  • He is the first Ever After character(not counting C.A. Cupid) to be inflicted with Monster High.
  • He is simular to George Darlign from Peter Pan in appearence and personality.


  • MCF and the Ever After High(Debut)

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