The Lion King Broadway Soundtrack - 1804:13

The Lion King Broadway Soundtrack - 18. He Lives In You (Reprise)

He Lives in You is a song from "The Lion King on Broadway" that has also been used in "The Lion King II: Simba's Pride." In the Broadway show, it is used twice in the show: the first time as "They Live in You" and used when Mufasa tells Simba about the Great Kings of the Past in the stars and teh second time when Rafiki tells him about Mufasa being with Simba all this time and Mufasa's ghost appears. In "The Lion King II" it is used as the opening song for Kiara's christening simular to "Circle of Life" for Simba's christening in the first movie.


Night And the spirit of life Calling

Oh, oh, iyo Mamela (Listen) Oh, oh, iyo

And a voice Just the fear of a child Answers

They Live in You - Disney's THE LION KING (Official Lyric Video)02:51

They Live in You - Disney's THE LION KING (Official Lyric Video)

Oh, oh, iyo Oh, mamela (Listen) Oh, oh, iyo

Ubukhosi bo khokho (Throne of the ancestors) We ndodana ye sizwe sonke (Oh, son of the nation)

Wait There's no mountain too great Oh, oh, iyo Hear the words and have faith Oh, oh, iyo Have faith

Hela hey mamela (Hey, listen)

The Lion King 2 - He Lives In You02:57

The Lion King 2 - He Lives In You

Chorus: He lives in you He lives in me He watches over Everything we see Into the water Into the truth In your reflection He lives in you

Singers(They Live in You)Edit

  • Mufasa and Chorus(The Lion King Broadway)
  • MCF(MCF: Wander's Big Break)

Singers(He Lives in You)Edit

  • Female Singer(The Lion King II: Simba's Pride)
  • Rafiki, Chorus and Simba(The Lion King Broadway)
  • Marceline(MCF: Wander's Big Break)

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