Harvax and Stok

Harvax and Stok are the main antagonists of the Wander Over Yonder episode "The TIme Bomb." They serve as Wander and Sylvia's rivals who are space travelers. Harvax is a dark blue steed fly like alien much like Sylvia while Stok is a yellow imaginary friend like alien who is in a trash can. They are brash and do their best to get rid of Wander and Sylvia. Stok is voiced by Charlie Adler and Horvax is voiced by Jeff Bennett. 


In the episode, Sylvia is greeted by two mean aliens who are also competing -- Harvax and Stok, who tease her with the word "Tick-tock" and think it's time she went "boom". Wander is surprised by this and wonders what the "Tick-tock" was for. Sylvia sadly explains it's because of her racing nickname, which excites Wander as he tries guessing what it is. Sylvia instantly rages, and right when the race signal goes off, she is the first out of the start. Horvax explains to Stok about Sylvia's TIme Bomb state They later suddenly arrival of Harvax and Stok, who tease her again. This annoys Sylvia, and instead of listening to Wander, she rages and attempts to beat up Stok, but it was later revealed the "Stok" she attacked was a dummy, and she let the real ones go off. Sylvia is sorry for what she did to Wander and  asks him to help her, and he happily agrees.They reach the final obstacle and catch up with Harvax and Stok, who are in the lead. After a brief head-to-head session over who is leading, Harvax bumps Sylvia out of the way, and just as she was about to rage, Wander calms her down. Sylvia says she got it, and takes it easy. Soon, she catches up with Harvax and Stok and they cross the finish line, with Harvax a few inches ahead, making he and Stok the winners. Not long later, it was revealed that Harvax was wearing a fake proboscis, thus he and Stok are disqualified. Wander and Sylvia were made the new winners of the Galactic Conjunction 3000, and Sylvia celebrates her victory while Wander starts working on making her a sore winner.

They are set to appear in "MCF: The Time Bomb Again" where they tell that the Galactic Conjunction 6000 happens bimonthly on other Planets with Earth being one of them. They coax Tricia into joining the race and competing against Wander and Sylvia, trying to destroy Tricia and Sylvia's friendship. More will be revealed when the story is typed. 


  • At the end of the episode, we learn Harvax has a small proboscis, which could mean he could've bought the fake nose earlier before the episode started.
  • Stok bears a resemblence to Bendy, a character from Craig McCracken's other show "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends"
  • In "MCF: The TIme Bomb Again", it could be possible that they both have a crush on Tricia, which is why they coax her to join the race. They also learn about Wander and Sylvia working with the MCF.


  • MCF: The Time Bomb Again(Debut; upcoming)

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