Harold and Kate

Harold and Kate are minor characters in All Dogs Go to Heaven. They are a couple who take a fondness to Anne-Marie and later adopt her and her dog Itchy at the end of the story. Harold has brown hair, glasses, a brown vest, white shirt, tan khakis and shoes while Kate has long blondish-hair, a pink dress with gloves and shoes; They are voiced by Earleen Carey(Kate) and Rob Puller(Harold)

Bio Edit

Among Charlie B. Barkin, Anne-Marie and Itchy's venture to the race track to bet on Horses, they find a couple. Anne-Marie thinks they are a perfect couple as parents while Charlie and Itchy agree this is the perfect couple to attempt to steal from. They look at Anne-Marie passing and cannot take their eyes off of how adorable she is.

Itchy fakes being injured to sway the couple in believing he is hurt while Charlie steals Harold's wallet from his back pocket.

After Charlie steals the wallet, Itchy runs after him appearing to be okay. Harold replies to this cheerfully by saying, "Seems to be just fine." Harold's wife ask Anne-Marie her name. Anne-Marie, politely but bashfully says her name talking to Harold's wife and says she is getting a dress. She replies, "That's nice, dear. Where are your parents?" After that, Charlie rushes her off to the race track to see how the bet turns out.

When Anne-Marie find out Charlie has stolen from the couple she is fond of, she walks upstair's of Flo's place upset and disappointed in Charlie. She looks at the photo in the wallet and contemplates the her adoption with them along with Flo and all the puppies and visualizes many possible memories. In the cotemplation, she sings "Soon You'll Come Home" to sleep with some of the puppies beside her also tired.

The next day she returns the wallet at which Harold was not upset. They were possibly more happy to see her then they were concerned about the wallet. They offered her pancakes and talked to her about her living situation. They asked her to eat while they talked in private at which they agreed they couldn't allow her to leave with nowhere to go. They were possibly upset to find she had left when she ventured with Charlie once more, but not extremely worried as they did not go to the law officials of a missing girl.

Later in the movie, Itchy once again find the couple and brings them Anne-Marie's doll warning them that she is in Danger. At first, they are scared and wonder why Itchy is barging in the residence, but eventually realize that the doll belongs to Anne-Marie. They depart along with the commotion of the city to search for Anne-Marie. Soon after, Anne-Marie is rescued from the sinking ship and medically evaluated. It is implied Harold and his wife had grown fond of her and adopted her as their daughter knowing she had no home of her own. She is seen to be sleeping in their guestroom when Charlie arrives to say his final goodbye to her (as he died when the ship sank with him).

They appear in minor when they pick Anne-Marie from school after she sees the Rookie Mystery Case Files leave for a case. They later appear when Anne-Marie gets accepted.

MCF Appearences Edit

  • RMCF: Toll of a Belladonna(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • Their design in appearence are slightly simular to Roger and Anita from Disney's 101 Dalmatians, but also the possible influence for Anya and Dimitri of Anastasia and Thumbelina and Cornelius of Thumbelina. The latter were of Don Bluth's later films.
  • They 4012 Maple Street is their residence in New Orleans, Louisiana

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