Hamish, Hubert and Harris are Merida's younger brother in the Disney/PIXAR movie "Brave." Their role is minor and consists of subplots of them trying to steal cakes from Maudie the maid, but however, they're important because they help Merida remove the curse from their mom(and themselves.) All three have curly red hair, freckles, and wears green clothing.


In "BRAVE", They are first seen stealing tarts from their nursemaid, Maudie as their older sister, Princess Merida describes them as "Wee Devils" that "get away with murder". One night, they are at the dinnertable listening to their father, King Fergus telling the story of how he lost his leg to the demon bear, Mor'du until Merida interrupts; telling them the best part and the ending. They play with their haggis which they refuse to eat as their mother, Queen Elinor pleads them to try them. Merida was kind enough to sneak the large plate of tarts under the table for them. They sneak under the table and eat them and decide to tie Fergus's leg to the table post. When Elinor has something to discuss with Merida, she tells her sons that they are excused and they leave quickly with tarts stuffed in their shirts and one of them trips spilling some with the two deerhounds chasing them.

At the presentation of the suitors, they prank a guard before they sit in their bench throne until the brawl breaks out and they sneak through the floor and make the brawl continue by smashing Lord Dingwall's foot and conking a guard on the head. Later at the Highland Games, they sneak in and once again successfully steal a plateful of tarts from Maudie in a barrel.

That night, they are caught messing with the trophies in Fergus's trophy room by Elinor who was just turned into a bear. They put the trophies back as Merida enters the room asking for their help to sneak out of the castle. When they give a look asking what's in it for them, she offers they could have her dessert for 3 weeks, but they want more than that so she says for a year and finally, they agree to help. They drive Fergus, the Lords, and the guards away on top of a tower and lock them outside and scare Maudie and two other servants out of the kitchen. As Merida and Elinor leave, Merida tells them to help themselves to anything in the kitchen. So the triplets eye the cursed cake that Merida gave to her mom that turned her into a bear.

The next night, they have been turned into bear cubs and come to help their sister by retrieving the key from Maudie to get Merida out of the tapestry room. They do so and the four of them ride Merida's horse, Angus through the forest to save their mother from Fergus' rage. They reach her in time and try to attack Fergus but Merida stops them and then Fergus is convinced it was his sons after she calls them "boys" until Mor'du appears. He attacks Fergus, the Lords, and the guards until he nearly kills Merida until Elinor breaks free from the ropes and fights him as the triplets watch in horror. After Mor'du is killed, they watch as Merida puts the mended tapestry around Elinor hoping it would change her back. When nothing happens, Merida tearfully begs her to change back as they are also sad too. Then, Elinor changes back to human as the triplets are human again too, while running naked to their family; much to the Lords' shock, and are reunited with their family.

Sometime later, they are at the harbor saying goodbye to the Lords and decide to stowaway on a ship, wave goodbye, and Fergus rides a boat to go retrieve them, much to his irritation.

In "MCF and the Princess Mystery", they help their sister, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, Anna, Tricia and MCF rescue the other princesses from the Ice King.


  • Their bond with their big sister Merida is strong and trusting
  • THey seem to have more respect for their father, Fergus
  • They're the first Disney siblings to be brothers. The other Disney siblings are sisters.


  • MCF and the Princess Mystery(Debut)

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