Hakuna Matata (English Version)04:01

Hakuna Matata (English Version)

Hakuna Matata is a song from "The LIon King." In the song, Timon and Pumbaa cheer a depressed Simba up by singing this song and teaching them how to live with them and forget about his troubles. This is one of the most popular songs in the movie.


Timon: Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase! Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze!

Timon: It means no worries, for the rest of your days. Timon and Pumbaa: It's our problem-free philosophy. Timon: Hakuna Matata!

[Speech not heard on the album version] Simba: Hakuna Matata?

Pumbaa: Yeah, it's our motto.
Lion King - Hakuna Matata04:07

Lion King - Hakuna Matata

Simba: What's a motto? Timon: Nothing. What's a-motto with you? [laughs] Pumbaa: You know kid, these two words will solve all your problems! Timon: That's right. Take Pumbaa for example.

Why, when he was a young warthog. Pumbaa: When I was a young warthog!

[Speech] Timon: Very nice. Pumbaa: Thanks.

Timon: He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal He could clear the Savannah after every meal Pumbaa: I'm a sensitive soul Though I seem thick-skinned And it hurt that my friends never stood downwind

And oh the shame! Timon: He was ashamed! Pumbaa: Thought of changing my name! Timon: Oh, what's in a name! Pumbaa: And I got downhearted Timon: How did you feel? Pumbaa: Everytime that I...

[Speech] Timon: Hey! Pumbaa! Not in front of the kids! Pumbaa: Oh, sorry.

Timon and Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase! Hakuna Matata ain't no passing craze. Simba: It means no worries for the rest of your days. TimonYeah, sing it, kid! Timon and Simba: It's our problem free... Pumbaa: Philosophy! All: Hakuna Matata!

[Speech not heard on the album version] Timon: Welcome to our humble home! Simba: You live here? Timon: We live wherever we want.  Pumbaa: Yup! Home is where your rump rests! Heh. Simba: It's beautiful! Pumbaa[burps] I'm stuffed! Simba: I'm so hungry, I could eat a whole zebra. Timon: Eh-heh, we're fresh out of Zebra. Simba: Any Antelope? Timon: Nuh-uh. Simba: Hippo? Timon: Nope! Listen kid, if you live with us, you have to eat like us. Hey, this looks like a good spot to wrestle up some grub! Simba: Eww! What's that? Timon: A grub. What'cha look like? Simba: Eww! Gross! Timon: Tastes like chicken. Pumbaa: Slimy, yet satisfying! Timon: These are rare delicacies, mmm! He comes with a very plesant crunch. Pumbaa: You're learning to love em! Timon: I'm telling ya, kid, this is the great life. No rules, no responsibilities...ooh! The blue-green filled kind. And best of all, no worries! Well, kid? Simba: Oh, well. Hakuna Matata. Slimy...yet satisfying. Timon: That's it!

[Instrumental bridge]

Timon and Pumbaa Hakuna Matata!(6x) Hakuna...

Simba: It means no worries, for the rest of your days. All: It's our problem free, philosophy. Timon: Hakuna Matata Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata Simba: Hakuna Matata...


  • This was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song
  • Tim Rice was watching Bottom when he got the inspiration for the song
  • Part of this song was heard in Andy's car during the climax of "Toy Story." 
  • The word of the song means "No Worries" according to the song
  • A lost verse explaining Timon's situation was supposed to be used, but was cut from the final production.


  • Simba, Timon and Pumbaa(The Lion King)
  • MCF(MCF in: The Isle of Music and Dreams)
  • Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, MCF, Wander, Mordecai and Rigby(MCF and the Lion King)

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