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Haku is the deuragonist and the love interest of Chihiro in Spirited Away." He is also known as Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi, the spirit of the Konohaku River. He is a brave, kind and he has a white Eastern dragon form. He is a 12 year old boy with short dark green hair, green eyes, a white shirt with blue markings  He is voiced by Jason Marsden.


Haku seems to remember when Chihiro lost her shoe in his river years ago. He appears to her in person when she entered the Spirit World with her parents.

He first meets Chihiro on the bridge to Yubaba's Bathhouse, where he warns her to flee before sundown and tells her that he would try to buy her time for escape. Later, knowing that Chihiro had failed, Haku gives Chihiro food that prevents her fading into nonexistence. Dispelling a paralysis spell on her legs, Haku takes Chihiro to the
Haku Dragon

Haku's dragon form

bathhouse where he imprints instructions on finding Kamaji magically in Chihiro's mind. He then responds to the clamor made by the bathhouse workers.

Haku is then seen in the morning, quietly telling Chihiro that he would take her to go see her parents and comforts Chihiro when she cries. He returns to her the set of clothes she wore in the human world as well as the name card on her bouquet, reminding her to never forget her name. Haku then tells Chihiro that he forgot his name long ago, and that it was surprising even to him that he remembered Chihiro's name. Leaving Chihiro to return to the bathhouse, Haku is then seen flying off in his transformed dragon state into the distance.

Some time later, he steals a golden seal from Zeniba under Yubaba's orders and is put under the effects of Zeniba's death curse. Escaping with the gold seal but terribly injured, he responds to Chihiro's voice and admits himself to Yubaba's penthouse where Zeniba's shikigami projection reveals to Chihiro that Haku will die soon. Haku then uses his remaining strength to smash Zeniba's shikigami and falls into the disposal hole, falling into Kamaji's boiler room. Struggling to survive and bleeding profusely, Haku is given half of Chihiro's emetic dumpling, causing him to regurgitate Zeniba's golden seal as well as Yubaba's magically conjured worm. He is then given medicine by Kamaji and put to a makeshift bed to recuperate from his magically inflicted injuries.

Long after Chihiro leaves for Zeniba's place, Haku awakens and confronts a furiously angered Yubaba who realized that her son, Boh, had been replaced and taken away from her. Haku calmly states that he can bring Boh back to Yubaba under the condition that Yubaba leave Chihiro and her family alone from then on. He remains stoic when Yubaba tells him that what happens after he brings Chihiro back will not be pleasant. It is assumed that he takes off for Zeniba's place soon after this.

Haku appears later in front of Zeniba's cottage in his dragon form, bowing in apology to Zeniba for stealing her seal. He receives her forgiveness and leaves with her blessing, taking Chihiro, Boh and Yubaba's Bird back to the bathhouse in silence. Here Chihiro tells Haku that she recalled the past event when Haku saved her, revealing Haku's real name as Kohaku in the process. Happy that his curse is finally broken Haku transforms back into his human spirit form and thanks Chihiro. The two fly back hand in hand to the bathhouse

After Chihiro's winning of Yubaba's challenge, Haku is seen taking Chihiro back to the tunnel where her parents waited. Haku tells her that he's going to quit working for Yubaba, but then sadly lets go of Chihiro hand, promising her that they will meet again someday and telling her to never look back, reassuring Chihiro of his safety now that his curse has been broken.

He is set to appear in "MCF: Rookies in the Spirit World" where he and Chihiro have to help the Rookies get their name and themselves from Yubaba's clutches.


  • He is one of the first characters in a Miasaki film to bleed from a wound.


  • MCF: Rookies in the Spirit World(debut; upcoming)

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