Guu with her normal bored expression

Guu is one of he main protagonists on the show "Hare + Guu." A spirit of a unknown jungle, Guu takes on the form of a little girl or an adult. She is part of the Rookie Mystery Case Files or the RMCF and is the snarker of the group and also the most voracious one, for she eats something, it goes into her world aka her stomach. Guu however is very protective of her teammates and friends no matter what it is. Her idol is Jessy because she is like a mother figure and she has the tendency to eat whatever she wants. In her little girl form, Guu is a 9 year old girl with light pink hair and a pink dress with a yellow sash. As an adult, she is taller, a pretty face and longer hair with red eyes. Guu is voiced by Stephanie Sheh


Guu was walking around  until she swallows then spits Hare. Guu was then "adopted" by Weda, Hare's young alcoholic mother using her cute form to win her and her son over. However, the next day, Guu reveals that she uses this face to get what she wants. She has a tendency to eat anything and either spit it out or send it to her stomach, which is revealed by Hare to be another world. She would spit the person if they visited that world and they wouldn't remember a thing of it except for Hare. However, she is caring towards Hare despite her annoying him and would always protect him.

In the MCF stories, starting with "MCF: The Replacements", she teams up with Mavis, Lilo, Coraline, Xero and Audrey and together, they form the group, "The Rookie Mystery Case Files" after they defeated
Adult Guu
Discord. Guu is the most voracious of the group and her idol is Jessy for her being voracious and protective.


  • Guu is one of the only two Rookies to have powers; the other is Mavis. 
  • She shares a teacher-student bond with Jessy in the stories since they are alike in many ways. 
  • She has habit of eating Pokutes, rabbit creatures on the show.


  • MCF: The Replacements(Debut)
  • MCF: The Case of the Puppet Master(Mentioned)
  • MCF: The Crystal Empire
  • MCF in: Return of Rasputin(Cameo)
  • MCF: Ball of Revenge(Cameo)
  • MCF and the Parent Case
  • MCF: Calling All Allies
  • MCF: Together Again
  • MCF and the Dream Pals: First Meeting(Upcoming)
  • RMCF: The Christmas Rescue
  • MCF: Keep Calm and Tricia Good
  • MCF: The Return of Alt. Tracy: the First MCF Movie
  • RMCF: The Popular New Member
  • RMCF: An Atlantican Adventure
  • MCF the Movie: Magic Within Us All

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