Grojband from left to right: Laney, Corey, Kin and Kon

Grojband is a band made up of four kids by the names of Corey, Laney, Kin and Kon from the show of the same name. In thehir show they want to play their band at a cool event, but need lyrics that fit, so Corey tries to get his older evil sister Trina to get mad or in an extreme emotion so that way she'll write in her diary for them to use as lyrics.


Corey Riffen-The leader of the band. He had blue hair, an orange snow cap with a skull on it and pants, a black/white shirt, black shocks and blue sneakers. He is Trina's younger and kinder brother and he is the lead singer. Despite his kind nature, he'll do wahtever it takes to make Trina write the lyrics for their band. Voiced by Lyon Smith.

Laney Penn-The only female member of the band and guitarist. She has short red hair, brown eyes, a yellow barette, a green/black stripped dress with yellow sleeves, black boots and red leggings. She is annoyed by the boys' antics, but goes into them because she has a secret crush on Corey, who doesn't know it yet. A recurring gag of the show is that people mistake her for a dude. Voiced by Bryn McAuley.

Kin and Kon Kujira-The twin brothers of the group and they play keyboard and drums. Kin is the intelligent one with glasses, black hair and wears a tuxedo based shirt, blue jeans and orange sneakers while Kon is the supposingly dim-witted one with spiky black hair, a red bandana a black/white T shirt with a flame on it, red sneakers and light blue jeans. They are the jokesters and they are the brains and brawns of the group. Kin is voiced by Sergio Di Zio while Kon is voiced by Tim Beresford.

In "MCF: Families Reunited at Last", episode "Grojband's Missing Melody", their talent gets stolen by Griz, but luckily for them, the MCF get it back for them.

An episode later, "The Search for Starz", he along with his band members become a ragtag team to help the MCF rescue Starz from the evil lord Isreal Everkon.


  • Corey's hat has a skull which is the same design as Duncan from "Total Drama Island."
  • Kon has a strikingly simular design to Owen also from "Total Drama Island"


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(debut; episode: Grojband's Missing Melody/The Search for Starz)

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