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The Grizz is a villain in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. He was one of Cyrille Le Paradox's lieutenants and was sent to the Ice Age. He planned on forging cave paintings, only to dig them up in the present and make him worth a fortune. He was the main antagonist of Episode 3: Clan of the Cave Raccoon of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The Grizz is a mean threatening huge black bear who tries to push people to do what he wants. He has a thick African American voice and has a high level of arrogance thinking he can defeat anyone. He tends to shout every word that flies out of his mouth. While on the phone with Cyrille Le Paradox, he was shouting that he helped Paradox but how come Paradox won't help him back and was very angry. The Grizz likes his bling and wears retro flashy clothing. Grizz also gave himself the self-proclaimed nickname "Grizzle B." He has a very short fuse with people and victory. Grizz has a very good habit of rapping and rhyming. He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Bio Edit

Grizz was once a common street thug and graffiti artist who was suddenly plucked from the gutter and put into the lime light by a wandering art expert. He had his primitive "art" hailed as a brilliant new style called "Paleo-gaffiti" and, for a time, enjoyed celebrity status. However, people soon realized that his art was simply terrible and he was thrown right back out into the gutter. Now he hated the art community, and returned to his criminal roots. He then became an art thief on Interpol's most wanted list. He was one of Carmelita's main and largest targets, aside from Sly Cooper, and he had simply vanished before he could be arrested. Grizz was hired by Le Paradox to erase the first Cooper from history, Caveman "Bob" Cooper. While in the prehistoric era, Grizz stole all the Pterodactyl eggs to use for paint. He would then use the paint for his prehistoric fake art operation, where he and his crew would paint phony cave paintings and ice sculptures and go back to present day, where they would dig them up and sell them for a fortune. Unfortunately, his deal with Le Paradox hadn't gone so very well since all the eggs were stolen, frustrating Grizz who needed to keep his counterfeited painting production going as Le Paradox neglected of being asked to help out. Grizz has also shown that, deep down, he never wanted to be a criminal or a thug; especially fed up of Le Paradox's double-crossing deal because all he ever really wanted to do was be an ice skater, saying that it was clean and it was the only time he felt free since he was just a cub. After the Cooper Gang interferes in his plans, he battled with Murray and was defeated and sent to jail, where he was given a long prison sentence. He then went on to become a rapper in prison, as well as painting pictures of his fellow inmates in his spare time. However his singing sounded very awful to the other inmates and Grizz is accidentally spraying paint to the next inmate next cell door.

MCF Stories Edit

He first appeared in the MCF: Families Reunited at Last in Season 3's arc where Starz finds her mother called "Switched Minds." She was accidentally switched minds with Sora and does his crimes while in his body. Soon, he gets his old body back thanks to the MCF, but accidentally getting a star tattoo along with his fellow villains. His main antagonist appearence was in the episode "Grojband's Missing Melody" when he steals Grojband's music for an evil purpose. The MCF stop him, but the band's songs are missing. He then appears in "The Search for Starz" where he becomes a slave to Lord Isreal along with her villianous comrades. After Isreal is defeated, the villains are turned back to normal and jailed for their crimes.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; episode "Switched Minds"; Grojband's Missing Melody; The Search for Starz)

Trivia Edit

  • He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore. Fred is also who voiced CLU from Tron Uprising and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. He also voiced The Hulk from Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the agents of S.M.A.S.H.
  • In all of the artwork featuring Grizz, he carries a scepter, giving him a much more kingly appearance. But in the actual game, he carries a golden, bejeweled paintbrush. Many fans believe this was mainly done as a red herring to keep the Black Knight's identity, and Penelope's betrayal, a secret from the public until the release of Thieves in Time, as Ms. Decibel and the Grizz, then called Grizzle B, had their artwork released at a time when not much about Medieval England and Ancient Arabia were known.
    • Only an ice sculpture of Grizz in Clan of the Cave Raccoon retains the scepter.
  • Grizz was originally planned to be voiced by Biz Markie, who actually did some demo readings pre-production, but Sanzaru chose the current actor instead.
  • When Grizz sprints in the job "Duty Calls", his feet sound like a basketball dribbling.
  • The Grizz bears a striking resemblance to Dimitri as they both are artists, are associated with the color purple, enjoy hip-hop and are very much a "comic relief" in their respective criminal organizations. This, in turn, may make Grizz a homage to when Dimitri was a villain.
    • He also bears a striking resemblance to Boog from "Open Season", and the same design as in Computer animation.
  • He is the only member of Le Paradox's crew that didn't ever fight Sly Cooper.
    • He is one of five characters overall never to fight Sly. the others being Rajan, Octavio, Jean Bison, and Captain LeFwee.
    • A pic from shown that both Grizz and Dimitri are to make a music video for the next game, possibly Sly 5 and also that Grizz (just maybe) will appear in Sly 5 at the same time of making friends with Dimitri.

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