Gretchen is one of the characters of the series "Recess". She is the genius of the group and manages to be excellent in anything including science. She has freckles, red hair in low ponytails, a whtie shirt, buck teeth, a blue overall skirt and belt and shoes. She is voiced by Ashley Johnson.


Gretchen has teamed up with teh gang since forever. Their friendship never gone off the deep end. She is extremely friendly with everyone in the gang. She mentions that she's been trying her dumb herself since kindergarden after Principal Prickley applied her to Oppenheimer after acing a test. She stayed in 3rd Street. It is also times where she can sing, play piano and make up songs instantly and is the ace at the Science Award every year except this one time where her rival, Becky Benson stole her title.

In "Recess School's Out", she is heading to summer camp like the rest of the gang minus TJ for the summer, but when TJ calls tehm to stop the evil mastermind from making eternal winter, she comes back to help her friend and decides to stay home with her friends so they can have the best summer.

She sorta takes the role of Penny in the Rescuers styled mystery in "MCF: Families Reunited at Last" episode "Monster Mash Rescue" where she sends toy airplane messages to the MCF and the RMCF, though Mavis joined the case only and they along with Mavis' monster kin, the rest of the Recess gang and the other girls join in on a rescue misson to save Gretchen. This also gives Raina a clue to finding out who her biological parents are.


  • She and Vince have the least episodes focusing on themselves at 12 episodes.
  • She is the only member of the main six with a confirmed birthday.
  • She is based on Paul Germain's wife, Beatrice.
  • She is the only member of the Recess Gang who regully go by her full name.


  • MCF: Familes Reunited at Last(debut; episode: Monster Mash Rescue)

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