Grell Sutcliff, sometimes romanized as "Grelle," is a Grim Reaper, who initially poses as Angelina Dalles's butler and conspires with her as Jack the Ripper. He is part of the Dispatch Management Division, and collecting souls is one of his top priorities.Grell as Angelina Dalles's butler is a bespectacled, meek, and slender man with green eyes. His brown hair is tied with a red ribbon, and he mostly dresses in simple, black clothes.However in his Grim Reaper form, Grell has long, dark red hair, shark-like teeth, and red-framed glasses which are accessorized with a neck chain containing skulls. His typical attire consists of a vest, gloves, red and white striped bow tie, and red and black high-heeled ankle boots. Additionally, he has a red coat that he confiscated from Angelina after fatally wounding her, which he slings off his shoulders and wears around his elbows. He is described as "covered in red. He is voiced by Daniel Fredrick.



When Angelina Dalles started the Jack the Ripper murders, Grell followed her since she was the reason for the death list being so filled. He sympathized with her, as he could relate to her troubles—the incapacity of giving birth—and opted to help her, even if it defied the Grim Reaper's code of neutrality. Grell, then, disguised himself as the Barnett family's butler to avoid suspicion.[9]

Manga's Synopsis

Jack the Ripper Arc

Grell Sutcliff is with Angelina Dalles, his mistress, and Lau in Ciel Phantomhive's London townhouse, searching for tea.[10] He accompanies Ciel, Sebastian Michaelis, Lau, and Angelina while they gather information on Jack the Ripper.[11] He later attends Aleister Chamber's party with them, where he briefly leaves in order to commit another murder.[12]

Afterward, Grell, in Mary Jane Kelly's house, barbarically kills her, to which when Ciel and Sebastian enter the scene, Sebastian comments that it is an excessive murder as blood has splattered all over the floor. Grell comes up with a feeble excuse for being there, despite being covered in the prostitute's blood. Challenged by Sebastian, Grell discloses that he is aGrim Reaper. When he is questioned why he has broken the Grim Reaper code of neutrality, he replies that he was captivated by a "certain woman."[13][14]

Grell instigates a confrontation with Sebastian, using his Death Scythe. He claims that his Death Scythe can slice through anything, and sadistically trifles with Sebastian, stating that he desires to tear up his body to "its deepest core." He adds that he loves the color red and enjoys using fresh blood to do makeup for ugly women. Sebastian points out Grell's violation of the Grim Reaper rules and deems his butler principles as sickening, and Grell remarks that he is at least the "butler of death."[15] Their battle continues, and Grell inflicts a small slash on Sebastian's left arm, revealing a brief Cinematic Record of Sebastian's past and his first encounter with Ciel. Grell explains the general purpose of a Cinematic Record, that is to relive memories for assessment, and Sebastian deprecatingly regards the "spying activity" as a terrible interest.[16]

At this point, Grell has Sebastian pinned against the wall. However, when Ciel's life is endangered, Sebastian rushes off, in spite of Grell's Death Scythe which deals a considerable wound to his arm.[17] He comments that Sebastian has commendable endurance, and then orders Angelina to kill Ciel. He notices her hesitation, and insists that she carries out the task. When she announces that she cannot because she views Ciel as her own son, he is gravelly disappointed, and stabs her in the chest with his Death Scythe. He denounces her as an "ordinary woman," and complains that he has gone through great lengths to aid her, but was uncompensated. He removes the red coat from her corpse, proclaiming that she is not fit to wear red.[18][19]

Grell turns to leave, but Ciel orders Sebastian to kill him. They proceed to battle, and to his anger, Sebastian intentionally aims for his face. Grell asks if Sebastian is afraid to perish once critically hit by his Death Scythe, but the latter asserts that he is not. They resume fighting, and Grell states that a demon and a Grim Reaper are unable to reach a mutual understanding; thus, their relationship is like the "tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet." Grell smashes Sebastian's forehead with his own, and then delivers a strong, upward slash across his chest.[20] Much to his dismay, he perceives a rather mundane Cinematic Record that consists of Sebastian's life as aPhantomhive butler.[21]

Subsequently, they attempt to end the battle with the following blow, but Sebastian has cunningly used a shred of his ruined, woolen tailcoat to jam Grell's Death Scythe. He pummels Grell in the face, ignoring the victim's pleas to spare it. However, before Sebastian can kill him with his own weapon, William T. Spears intervenes. William lands on Grell's head, and lists off all of the rules that Grell has transgressed. He grudgingly apologizes to Sebastian, retrieves Grell's Death Scythe, and drags Grell away by the hair.[22]

Noah's Ark Circus Arc

After Baron Kelvin's manor is set on fire, the Grim Reapers are assigned various tasks. As noted by Ronald Knox, Grell is given a mission relating to the Phantomhive family, which he is very excited about.[23]

Ship Voyage Arc

At the moment before the ship Campania crashes, Grell stands on an iceberg, indicating that he was the other 

Grim Reaperwho was assigned to gather souls and investigate the Bizarre Dolls together withRonald Knox. He lands on the ship and begins to slash passengers in order to collect souls. He meets with Ronald and they start to work together.[24] During their conversation in the first class front hallway, a Bizarre Doll on a carriage appears, and Grell swiftly annihilates it.[25]

They make their way to the boiler room by creating holes on floors to drop through them, hence a quicker means of travel. They coincidentally meet Ciel and Elizabeth, who have just made their way out from the duct, and Sebastian, who has contemporaneously reached them. Grell is excited in encountering Sebastian and engages in a battle with him. During the fight, Grell accidentally slashes a window with his Death Scythe, allowing for water to rapidly enter the ship.[26]

After a brief intervention with Elizabeth intending to attack Grell, Grell continues his fight with Sebastian. However, as soon as he and Ronald discover that they can learn more about the Bizarre Dolls from Rian Stoker, they depart and and head to find Rian.[27]

Grell rescues Rian when he falls, and he asks for an effective method to stop the Bizarre Dolls. Rian leads the way to his room where the device to stop them is supposedly situated. When they discover that it has disappeared, Rian guides Grell and Ronald to who he presumes has took it. The presupposition turns out to be accurate, as they discern that it is the Aleister Chamber who possesses the device. Soon, Grell and the others find out that Ciel and Sebastian are with Aleister as well. In order to make him turn the device on, all of them are forced by Aleister to perform his modified version of the Phoenix pose. Afterward, Aleister turns on the device, but when it does not work, Grell is infur

iated and rushes to kill Aleister. Undertaker intervenes, and Grell notes his yellow-green eyes.[28]

Undertaker explains how the Bizarre Dolls work and the manipulation of Cinematic Records, much to Grell's surprise. Undertaker implies that the Campania was merely a test to see how effective the Bizarre Dolls were. Grell and Ronald decide to apprehend Undertaker, and the former adds that he can never forgive Undertaker for injuring his face.[29]

Grell goes to attack him, but is easily blocked. Ronald also tries, but is blocked by Sebastian, who is then yelled at by Grell. He is told that Sebastian and Ciel need to capture Undertaker into custody as well, and they tell each other to stay out of their respective businesses. Grell, Ronald and Sebastian then attack Undertaker simultaneously.[30]

Undertaker comments that all Grim Reapers are very nearsighted, and Grell points out that he must then be at a disadvantage.[31] Undertaker blocks his onslaught, but this time Grell’s Death Scythe cuts thought his sotoba. Grell is bemused by that possibility, recalling that he was not able to cut it before. While he is thrown off balance, Ronald attempts to lunge at Undertaker, but the latter steals and throws his glasses. Grell catches them and throws them back, but Sebastian knocks them away. After Ronald retrieves his glasses, they note that the ship is tilting heavily, so they decide to attack Undertaker directly, but Undertaker deflects their onsets. Grell is astounded that his Death Scythe cannot cut the sotoba, and Undertaker remarks that the theory of how a Death Scythe can cut everything is strange as there is one thing that it cannot cut. Undertaker then slices them both, and they suffer from abominable wounds.[32]

Subsequently, the dire slope of the sinking ship causes Rian to fall to his death. Grell immediately processes his soul, stating the days of his birth and death. He tells Sebastian that they do not have much time and that he will take Undertaker.[33] He fights with Undertaker, who remembers that Grell was Madam Red’s butler. Grell is about to swing at Undertaker when Sebastian hurls Ronald at him, sending him into the wall.[34] Water rushes in, and Undertaker decides to leave. Grell and Sebastian assail concurrently, causing him to drop his chain of lockets.[35]

Undertaker escapes after splitting the ship into two, and an unconscious Grell floats face-down in the water. He is grabbed from the water by William, who tosses him into a small boat and on top of Ronald, who he had also saved. After William stomps their faces, they both wake up. William denies Grell's attempt to engage onto him, and Grell falls back into the water. He soon returns to the boat, and William instructs him to finish collecting souls and to file a report about the "violator".

Anime Arc-Shard of Hope

After Elizabeth Midford is kidnapped by Drocell Keinz, Ciel attempts to find her alone. Grell finds Ciel and Pluto after the latter made his "hunk radar" go off, and teams up with the pair after Ciel promises Grell can kiss Sebastian if he helps. He first aids by explaining who Drocell is and follows Ciel and Pluto into the Mandalay manor. However, once inside, as he has to use scissors instead of his Death Scythe, he has a bit of a problem with cutting down the well-made dolls. Ciel abandons him briefly, leaving him to fend off the dolls while Ciel attempts to find Elizabeth on his own.

Shortly thereafter, Grell makes his way out of the mansion with Pluto, and they meet up with Sebastian. They discover Elizabeth is in a sealed tower around the back of the mansion. Grell charges in with Sebastian, Pluto, and Ciel, but, fearing injury, doesn't help much until Sebastian specifically requests his aid.

When they finally leave, he throws himself at Sebastian in an attempt to get his promised kiss, but Sebastian ducks out of the way resulting in Grell falling onto the floor face first. Sebastian discusses taking revenge for Angelina's murder, prompting Grell to flee stating he will have to collect his promised kiss another time.

Book of Doomsday Arc

Grell is sent to Earth to retrieve a stolen Cinematic Record, on William's orders, and after getting tired, falls asleep so deeply, some humans believe he is dead and they send his "corpse" to Undertaker. When Ciel and Sebastian arrive at Undertaker's to get more information, he tags along, and sneaks into the cult's convent with them, in order to investigate further.

While inside, he identifies the priest's Book of Doomsday as not being the stolen cinematic record, but tries to get closer to him anyway by impersonating a child to join the Heaven's Choir. However, he is not capable of doing so, and Ciel is left as the only one of the three who can successfully go undercover.

Shortly thereafter, when Angela Blanc appears and kidnaps Ciel, Grell helps free Sebastian from her use of the cinematic record to tie her up and charges after her with Sebastian, chasing her to the Grim Reaper library. he aids in the subsequent battle against her, using a borrowed Death Scythe to help pin her up against the wall. However, when she aims to destroy the place, they are forced to flee.

Conspiracy and Revenge Arc

Grell shows up in the burning London. he is shown initially mocking the dead (minus a still living baby he finds and remorsefully states he can't help), but then gets to work helping to reap the many souls, along with Undertaker and William. It is at this point that William returns his original Death Scythe, something that Grell is extremely pleased by.

Grell appears atop a building in London, saying that "the end of this dance signals death." As a young woman named Ellen seems to spontaneously combust, Grell comments on her burning death. Later, as Sebastian is chasing the arsonist Mrs. Turner (the one responsible for the death of Ellen, among others), Grell attacks him. Sebastian asks why she has not collected the souls of the people Mrs. Turner has set on fire during her run through London. [she is using a flash camera and magnesium powder to start fires.] Grell first flirtatiously replies that he only wants to capture Sebastian, but then explains that his death list states he is only after one soul, Mrs. Turner, who will commit suicide five minutes after midnight. In addition, he tells Sebastian, he could not have collected the other victims' spirits, as the heat of the magnesium flames is so intense that it consumes not just the body but the soul as well.

Sebastian secures Grell's help against the arsonist with flattery, saying that Grell will make a much better model for photographs than Ciel. The Grim Reaper is delighted and gladly works together with Sebastian to find Mrs. Turner, who has Ciel atop Big Ben. The clock strikes midnight and the Reaper and Demon rush to the top. Seeing the camera, Grell starts to pose for it, with an impassioned speech about how women, like fruit, become more beautiful as they ripen with age and declares himself to be the "Queen of all fruits- the Mangosteen." He is immune to the flash and magnesium combo since he is a Grim Reaper. Five minutes after midnight the Turner woman burns and Grell is very upset, since the soul he was to collect has been burned away. He remarks that William won't be happy, but before leaving to tell him, he takes a picture of Sebastian and himself using Mrs. Turner's camera.

Kuroshitsuji II

When Alois is dying from his stab wound, Grell goes to collect his soul. Upon meeting Alois he looks up his history and reveals that Alois is actually Jim McCain and that Hannah is a demon. After briefly struggling with her, Grell is able to stab Hannah through her stomach with his chainsaw only to find himself soaked in blood and alone with Claude. Claude asks if Grell is going to take back the soul he stole and whether he is allied with Sebastian. Grell responds that he will just sit back and watch as "things have gotten interesting."

In episode 10, Grell follows Sebastian around with a camera, photographing him until the annoyed demon forces him to stop. Sebastian gives him Mongolian salted tea with far too much rock salt in it to retaliate, but then uses sex appeal (promising to strike handsome poses for Grell's camera) to make Grell kill the Demon Triplets with his Death Scythe.

In episode 11 he is briefly shown helping Sebastian during his trip through the maze of Alois Trancy's heart. He uses his Death Scythe to cut the vines constricting Sebastian, but only after Sebastian openly glared at him for wanting to take another picture of him. Grell is later used as a sacrifice for one of the questions after he is lifted up by Sebastian and thrown by him. Due to the explosion he is seen burned and knocked out for the remainder of the episode. Despite this Grell shows no signs of anger and appears more than happy to have helped.

Grell makes his last appearance during the ending of episode 12 where he is shown along side William and Ronald. They appear to be reaping souls, but Grell is seen lazily yawning and stretching off to the side. He senses Sebastian and quickly turns to face him with a blushing and extremely happy face. Much to his surprise he instead finds a table that is set with 3 cups of tea (for him, William, and Ronald) and a candy center piece. The tea is supposedly the same from episode 10 (minus the addition of the rock salt), as Sebastian states that the tea was something that Grell would enjoy.

MCF Stories

Grelle appears as a minor antagonist in the Season 4 episode "MCF: Black Butler" where he pesters Sebastian yet again, but he may also pester Jessy and the Vore Gang as well with his acts.


  • MCF: Black Butler(Debut)


  • In Kuroshitsuji II, Grell's design is slightly altered. His vest, that was initially black, is changed to brown and his hair appears to be darker. His eyes have also been colored so that his pupils are a dark green and his irises are a light green.
  • When Grell was a student, he resented being partners with William T. Spears because Grell had higher grades in technique, whereas William was an entirely average student.[48]
  • In the Durarara!! manga, a series that frequently references other anime and manga, some characters go to a manga store and Grell's image is on the elevator in one panel.[49]
  • Grell's name bears relative resemblance to Peter Sutcliffe, who was a British serial killer responsible for the death of 13 women and is dubbed "The Yorkshire Ripper".[50]
  • In Kuroshitsuji II, Grell's Death Scythe is used for transportation means.[51]