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GoGo Tomago is a major character from Disney's 2014 animated feature film Big Hero 6. She is voiced by Jamie Chung. She is a Korean girl with black/purple hair, a white shirt with a black jacket, blue pants and sneakers. She's laidback and very quiet, but still loyal.

Bio Edit

GoGo is first introduced at the San Fransokyo Institute of technology, where she's in the process of creating a specialized bike that runs on electronically-magnetic suspended wheels (which allows the wheels to run without restriction), to satisfy her intense need for speed. She soon meets an impressed Hiro, younger brother of her friend, Tadashi, whom she explains her ambitions to. Later on, after Tadashi manages to convince Hiro to join the institution, the young genius gets to work on his newest invention, hoping it'll impress the institute's leading professor, Professor Callaghan; the Microbots, which GoGo and the others assist him with over a long process of work. Hiro is then set to present his newest creation at a school invention, and GoGo joins the others to give support, being the first to notice Hiro's apprehension about the whole thing. Nevertheless, she faithfully sticks by his side, alongside the others, and the presentation is a rousing success. Afterwards, Hiro and Tadashi's aunt, Cass, offers the kids dinner at her cafe, to which they accept. Hiro and Tadashi stay behind to talk, however, and that same night, the school's auditorium catches on fire. Tadashi rushes in to save Callaghan, whom is said to still be in the burning building, only to lose his life in the process. GoGo comforts Tadashi's family as they mourn his death, joining the others in attending his funeral. After some time has passed, GoGo and the others make attempts to comfort Hiro by offering some company, but due to falling into depression as a result of Tadashi's sudden death, a saddened Hiro denies their calls.

Gogo outfits

Some time afterwards, during a ride out in the city, GoGo and the others spot Hiro wandering around, with Baymax (Tadashi's sentient healthcare robot creation), and follow after him. They're led to the docks, where they're attacked by a malicious masked-man by the name of Yokai, who makes an attempt to kill them. Yokai is a masked man responsible for the fire that killed Tadashi, using the incident to cover his tracks, as he's also responsible for stealing Hiro's Microbots. Hiro tries to stay and battle alongside Baymax, but GoGo grabs him and rushes him to Wasabi's van. The group then makes their escape, and a chase through the streets follows. A cautious and lawful Wasabi, however, drives with caution, making it easy for Yokai to attack. That is, until a frustrated GoGo takes the wheel and drives recklessly through the city herself, successfully evading Yokai's various attacks. Though they manage to apparently lose him, GoGo's driving leads them into the waters, where they're apparently killed, much to Yokai's satisfaction. Fortunately, they survive with the aid of Bayamx who carries the team to shore. Fred suggests a place to go to recover and leads the group to a mansion. Dumbfounded by this, GoGo berates Fred, claiming she doesn't have time for his childish games, but the fanboy retorts by revealing the mansion to be his home. Astonished, just like the others, GoGo heads inside, openly confessing she believed Fred lived under a bridge, explaining her surprise.

As the group recovers from the Yokai incident, Hiro comes up with the idea of transforming himself and his friends into a team of high-tech, superheroes. Though they're rather hesitant to do so, they eventually agree. Hiro builds each memeber a specialized suit with unique abilities based off their latest projects from school. As such, GoGo's battle-suit are accompanied by electro-magnetic disc, capable of causing great damage when thrown to a specific target. Being magnetic, the suit also summons the discs back to the armor immediately after coming to contact with the specific target. Not only that, GoGo can use the wheels located on her heels to move about with tremendous speed and velocity. Though it takes her a while to get the hang of her newfound abilities, like the rest of the members, GoGo eventually comes to an understanding, the group sets off to an abandoned island, where Baymax has tracked Yokai's whereabouts. Once they arrive, they stumble across an abandoned, sealed off facility, which was once used by tech-guru, Alistar Krei, to build and showcase his latest invention; a portal. After a disastrous incident resulting in the supposed death of a girl named Abigail, the facility was shut down.

This leads the team to believe Krei is the one responsible for the theft of Hiro's Microbots, believing he's trying to rebuild his portal. Just then, Yokai arrives and makes another attempt to murder the team. They successfully escape his attack and a battle ensues. Whilst Fred and Wasabi are taken down easily, GoGo proves to be a challenge for the masked villain, and the two engage in personal combat. Throughout the fight, GoGo tries to use her discs to unmask Yokai, but he successfully manages to keep his identity in check, until Hiro intervenes. Once unmasked, Yokai is revealed to be Professor Callaghan. Callaghan revealed he used Hiro's Microbots to survive the fire, and when Hiro suddenly explains Tadashi died as a result of his actions, Callaghan coldly retorts by blaming Tadashi for his own demise. This leads Hiro to order Baymax to murder Callaghan, blinded by fury. GoGo is the first to jump into action, fending off a mindless Baymax to save Callaghan's life. Wasabi and Fred assist as well, and in the mix of the chaos, Callaghan escapes. Fortunately, Honey is able to restore Baymax's original programming, thus bringing the kind bot to his senses, once more.

Immediately after, Hiro scolds the team on letting Callaghan escape, but GoGo scolds Hiro in turn, calling him out for his murderous actions, as they were never meant to kill Callaghan, rather, bring him to justice. Hiro fails to listen, completely bitter about Tadashi's death, and leaves the scene with Baymax, abandoning GoGo and the others on the island. Fortunately, Fred's butler is able to return them to San Fransokyo on the family's jet, and the team immediately heads to Hiro's home. Understanding his actions were only out of despair, GoGo comforts the boy by bringing him into a hug, promising to take down Callaghan no matter what. Honey then shows Hiro a recording they found back on the island, which reveals Abigail was actually Callaghan's daughter, and his motives are driven by revenge on Alistar Krei. With this new knowledge, the team sets out to Krei's showcase where Callaghan attacks and reveals his plot to destroy both Krei and everything he holds dear to his heart. The team arrives fortunately, and a battle ensues.

Annoyed by their interference, Callaghan makes another attempt at the young geniuses lives, imprisoning GoGo in a metallic bubble made of Microbots, slowly enclosing the space in hopes of crushing her to death. With the rest of the team set to suffer similar fates, they call out to Hiro for help. The young boy channels Tadashi and advises the group to use their brains to figure a way out. GoGo comes up with the idea of using her intense speed to free herself, which she manages to do successfully. Once she does, she and the others head to the Microbots, using their abilities to destroy them, thus, disarming Callaghan's ultimate source of power. Once they manage to do so, Callaghan is apprehended, and the machine is taken down but on the verge of exploding. The team, along with Krei and Callaghan, begin to retreat, but Baymax senses life within the portal (Abigail), and he and Hiro set out to rescue the civilian.

Though Hiro returns with Abigail, Baymax suffered a deadly fate, and the team leave the scene with Callaghan suffering time in prison for his crimes. Afterwards, the team is praised for their heroic efforts, though their identities remain a mystery to the public. Even so, they continue to spend time together as the best of friends, with GoGo forming a close bond with Hiro. At the school, after discovering Baymax's programming chip survived the distraction, Hiro is able to recreate the lovable robot, thus reforming the team of Big Hero 6. During the end credits, it is revealed that GoGo and the others now spend their days as professional crime-fighters, protecting the city of San Fransokyo.

She makes a appearance in "MCF: Big Hero 6" where her role is the same as in the movie.

In "JLMXB: Return of Yokai," she along with the other Big Hero 6 meet Hiro's other team The JLXMB and the team up to defeat Yokai who must've come back.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Big Hero 6(Debut)
  • JLMXB: Return of Yokai(Return)

Trivia Edit

  • In the original comic series, GoGo Tomago's real name is Leiko Tanaka. In the film, GoGo is just a nickname given to her by Fred. According to her voice actress, GoGo's real name is Ethel.[1]
  • She is 5'4" in height.
  • The 2013 Rotoscopers video and early information regarding the plot had depicted GoGo as a very cynical character: She disliked Honey Lemon because she thought her fashions were due to boys, attention-seeking and did not approve of Hiro ordering her what to do when they formed Big Hero 6 because she always wanted to be number 1.

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