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MLP FiM Discords "Glass Of Water" song HD w Lyrics in Description

Glass of Water is a song from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" in the episode, "Three's a Crowd." In the song, Discord(who is "sick" with the Blue Flu) makes ridiculous demands to Twilight and Princess Cadence. 


A little glass of water please
A fresh pressed hanky if I sneeze
Some tea with honey from the bees
Whenever you can brew it
Princess Cadance: I'll get your tea.
And while I get a little rest
A teeny tiny small request
Some codfish oil for my chest
Poured from a crystal cruet
Twilight Sparkle: A crystal cruet?
[singing faster]
My goodness, I'm a nincompoop
Because I fear I've got the croup
I need a vat of pumpkin soup
And scarves made out of zinnias
Did I say zinnias? I meant silk
Or something shiny of that ilk
And then I'll need some nice warm milk
And pastries from Abyssinia
And since my stomach's feeling crummy
Why not give my aching tummy
Something soothing, something yummy
Piled up with noodles?
Add a slice of homemade rye
With stacks of Swiss way up high
Served with sides of sweet mince pie
More basil; I need oodles!
Twilight Sparkle: Anything else?
I'll be grateful for your charity
Until the bitter end
Because I've heard that tenderness
Is what you lend an ailing friend
Tenderness, isn't that right, friend?
Twilight Sparkle: Right, but—
Discord: So, who's ready for my big reprise?
I'd like that glass of water please
Some magic spell to cure disease
A firm "gesundhoof" when I sneeze
A fresh bouquet of roses
Some lozenges will soon appease
My wheezing when I start to sneeze
A wig to keep me from the breeze
And blankets for my toes-es
Take tweezers out of my valise
And then massage my knobby knees
A bowl of peas, some extra cheese
A cuddle with a Pekingese
A singing harp who's named Louise
A goat on skis, a new trapeze
And more and more and more and more of these
And just because I oughta...
Make sure I'm drinking in the right
Amount of fluids day and night
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have just one little thing
Oh, would you please finally bring
Me that tiny glass
Of water?!!


  • During the song, there are several references
    • Aladdin-Discord rubs a lamp
    • Pinocchio-Discord wishes on a star
    • Jack and the Beanstalk-The singing harp
    • Ricolli Cough Drops-Discord takes a cough drop with a pony with a tuba in the mountains representing the commercial.
    • Harry Potter-Discord, Cadence and Twilight wear clothes like in Hogwarts. Twilight even has the same glasses as Harry
  • The song is sung in sprechgesang(half-speaking half singing)


  • Discord(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Three's a Crowd; MCF: Three's a Crowd; MCF: 20 Candles)
  • Discord, Eris and Friction(MCF: Is there a Chaos in the House?)
  • Friction(NGMCF: Three's a Crowd)

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