Ginger the Hen (also called "Baby Doll" or "Doll-Face") is the main protagonist in Chicken Run. She is an intelligent, Rhode Island Red hen who is effectively the chicken's leader and boss. She has orange feathers, a white handkerchief, a green cap, yellow beak and feet. Ginger is voiced by Julia Sawalha.

Bio Edit

Ginger has many plans for how to get past the fence and escape the chicken coop. Most of Ginger's attempts are ruined when trying to escape with her friends. Ginger longs to be successful and sometimes gets into trouble when she does so. In the film, she later meets and falls in love with a rebellious rooster named Rocky who tells then that he flew all the way to England(in reality he was shot out of a cannon). When they saw that Mrs. Tweedy plans to turn the chickens into chicken pies, they must escape and fast. Unfortunately, Rocky, with no chance of confessing about his real reason of flight up front, ends up leaving behidn the bottom of a poster. This leads to a fight until Ginger learns that one of the chickens, a rooster named Fowler was part of the Royal Air Force and so they build a plane to get

MCF Stories Edit

Ginger appears with the chickens in the second episode of Season 1 called "The Mister Miss Hyde Case' in the story "Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction." She and the chickens along with Wallace and Gromit notice Fake OogieJess, actually Claire in a robot capture Roger and Anita. They go to the MCF for help as they are solving the same crime as Jessy/OogieJess is framed. Then they are captured before the MCF rescue them.

Appearences Edit

  • Mystery Case File: The Fanfiction(Debut; episode: The Mister-Miss Hyde Case")

Trivia Edit

  • Ginger is the first female main protagonist in Dreamworks films, the second being Susan Murphy.