Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer is a ghost and the main antagonist of the Danny Phantom episode "The Fright Before Christmas." He loves to write stories and poemes and when a Christmas-hating Danny destroys his poem, he puts Danny in his remake of the poem. He has pale skin, jet black hair and a goatee, green eyes, glasses, a grey scarf, a purple jacket, black pants and sandals; he is voiced by Will Arnett. 


The Ghost Writer made his first appearance in the Danny Phantom episode "The Fright before Christmas." During his showing, he got angry at Danny for destroying his poem, so he put Danny into a poem where everyone speaks in rhyme to show him how unkind he's been every Christmas.

Upon trapping Danny in his new poem, he kept torturing him, as he left him the only one who knew what was happening, he then set about doing a series of incidents wrecking Christmas and turning everyone against Danny, he also kept appearing to mock Danny at how he would be trapped in this story until he learned his lesson.

After successfully ruining everyone’s holiday, Danny went to the Ghost Zone to stop him. To protect himself, the Ghost Writer sent him to a meeting of all his enemies, but he incorrectly assumed that they would forget about the Christmas truce to get him. When Danny told all of them about him breaking the truce, the angered ghosts broke into the Ghost Writer's house to get him. In a last ditch effort he turned them against each other. Danny broke this by causing him to end one of his sentences with orange, which seeing as nothing rhymed with orange, he couldn't continue writing.

Not being able to continue meant that he lost his power, and the angered ghosts turned on him. Walker had him taken away for breaking the truce. Danny then destroyed his keyboard, only for him to mock Danny, explaining that this meant the story couldn't end as he now couldn't TYPE the end, so now Danny was forced to learn the lesson to end the story.

After Danny did and the story ended the last scene shows him locked up in Walker’s jail, holding the complete book.

If one looks closely enough, one can see the Ghost Writer as one of the many ghosts that help Danny and Skulker turn the earth intangible at the end of Phantom Planet.

He appears as the main antagonist of "MCF: A Cinderella Story" where after witnessing the story of Cinderella and the MCF decides to send them to an alternate universe where he writes on what happens to them, but he warns them that they must finish it by midnight in the real world. 


  • The Ghost Writer is one of the only Danny Phantom villains that hasn't made another appearence in the show(if you don't count Phantom Planet).
  • How he knows the MCF is probably that they're friends of Danny, but he knows Tracy and Tricia because of something back when they were 14. 
  • Despite him only appearing in one episode of his actual show, he is a recurring villain in the MCF series.


  • MCF: A Cinderella Story(Debut)
  • RMCF: Down the Rabbit Hole(Return)
  • KC: The Job Was Wooden
  • MCF and the Magic Lamp
  • MCF: Into the Woods
  • MCF: A Tiny Adventure
  • RMCF: Tangled Up With You
  • KC and the Candy House

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