Getting Lucky03:06

Getting Lucky

 Getting Lucky is a song performed by the Chippettes in the animated movie, "The Chipmunk Adventure." In teh song, the Chippettes, well, Brittany and Jeanette anyways 'charm' the snakes guarding the dolls while Eleanor takes the cooler with the penguin on it as they escape before they marry the bratty prince. It is first going to be used in "MCF: The Space Odyssey."


Honey you're a sweet thing,
and you look so fine
All I ever wanted
is to make you mine

[Chorus:] Give me a clue
Tell me what I need to do
to get lucky with you

Boy I really love you
with my heart and soul
Honey won't you take me
Where I want to go


Getting lucky
whoo, getting lucky
It's really what it's all about
Getting lucky, mmm getting lucky
It's something I can't do without

Honey I've been waiting,
waiting patiently
Let me unlock your heart boy
I think I got the key

[Chorus x4]

Oh honey, honey
Give me a clue
wontcha tell me what I need to do
To get lucky with you 


  • This is the first to have a jazzy theme despite it taking place in Egypt with a bit of Arabian hints.


  • The Chippettes(The Chipmunk Adventure)
  • Raina, Starz and Jessy(MCF: The Space Odyssey)

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