George(left) and Junior(right) in "Hound Hunters"


George and Junior are two humanoid bears who appear in the George and Junior cartoons by Tex Avery. They used to live the streets in their first two cartoons "Henpecked Hoboes" and "Hound Hunters" until they got a job as firerangers in "Red Hot Rangers." They seem to know Jessy and Raina well. They were voiced by Dick Nelson(George) and their creator Tex Avery(Junior)


George-The short and intelligent one. He wears a blue vest. George would come up with a plan for his and Junior's lives to be better, but Junior's idiocy would foil them. When angry, he'd say "Bend over, Junior." and he kicks Junior in the rear. The only cartoons he doesn't do it in is "Hound Hunters." He's kind and respectful towards the girls and is charasmatic sometimes to them, but they still treat him like a good friend.

Junior-the tall and dumb one. He wears a red vest. Junior would follow in on George's plans, and he'd screw it up. He would always get kicked by George. However, in "Red Hot Rangers" HE was the one who punishes George for throwing the cigarette on the ground of the forest that they just saved, but instead of kicking him, he spanks him. Raina treats him like a big sister to him because to her, he's like a child. Jessy and George help them out in situations.


  • George and Junior are based from George and Lennie from "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinback.

Appearences(in MCF)Edit

  • MCF: Freaky Mystery Day(debut)