Garu is the adoptive brother of Raina who first appears in the show "Pucca". His first appearence in a MCF based story is "Journey Through the Jungle." He once took a vow of silence to bring honor to his family, but after realizing his family is long gone, Clouseau, Nicole and their adoptive daughter Raina took him into their family. Now he talks most of the time, usually snarky towards his sister. He is 'voiced' by Brian Drummound.


Garu is 13 years old. He has long raven hair in pigtails with no bows and he wore a black ninja outfit with a red heart on it.


We don't know much about Garu's official biography,except that he is the object of Pucca's affections. His family has always wanted him to seek honor. He took a vow of silence and vowed to do that goal. Garu used to speak less until the day that the Clouseau family adopted him(this will be revealed in "MCF: Thunder in the Jungle." He still is able to fight Tobe and hang out with his friend Abyo and sometimes be with Pucca, though on certain times, his father and mother would sometimes have Raina babysit him.

In Journey Through the Jungle(his debut), he made a minor role in assisting Raina on her journey to rescue her friends. He gives her his sword and warns her about the vines. Garu, however was totally dumbfounded by the fact that his adoptive dad sent the Penguins of Madagascar to help Raina, though cool with it.

Appearences Edit

  • Journey Through the Jungle(debut)
  • MCF: Thunder in the Jungle


  • He is the first LMXB to be related to an MCF member; in this case, he's Raina's adoptive brother.