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Gaara in his Half Shukaku form.


Gaara is one of the characters of Naruto. He is one of the Sand Siblings along with Temari and Kankuro. He is considered as a frenemy to Naruto after he been an antagnoist until his salvation, but he is a very good friend to Jessy. He first appears in "MCF: A Musical Nightmare."   is voiced by Liam O'Brien.


Gaara is one of the Sand Siblings. Gaara is about 12 years old (at the start of the series), and he enjoys killing people that stand in his way (his way of having fun - he hates people and loves only himself). Long ago, when he was around the age of six, his father, the Kazekage, sent assassins to kill off Gaara because he believed Gaara was becoming too dangerous (after killing a man that passed him in the street). But the attempt failed, and later ninja's were sent...who were all killed by Gaara.

Yashamaru says that he is Gaara's mother's brother (that would be an uncle for all you slow people out there). He also tells us, as he is dying, that Gaara's father, the Kazekage (leader of the Village Hidden in the Sand, like Hokage is for the Village Hidden in the Leaves), ordered him to kill Gaara. Yashamaru admits that he could have turned down the mission but chose to do it. Yashamaru had "adopted" Gaara due to his obligation to his sister, but could never get over the fact that Gaara's birth resulted in his sister's death.

Gaara's father was killed by Kimimaro, then Orochimaru took his body and posed as him during the tournament. They find his body after the tournament, and find out about Orochimaru's plot. Gaara has two older siblings, his brother Kankuro and sister Temari, who are with him in the chunin exam.

Gaara's gourd is made of sand and the blood of the victims, which he says gives him power. In battle, he takes out sand and uses it to kill off his enemies by means of the techniques called Desert Coffin and Desert Funeral. The gourd itself is also made out of sand, as is his armor. He has a sleep spell that gives the demon Shukaku the ability to manifest (just check out the dark lines around Gaara's eyes). Gaara doesn't sleep because if he does Shukaku will take control.

Garaa becomes the fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure (village Hidden Among the Sand) after he leaves Konoha, after the chunin exam. Itachi's group kills Gaara by taking the demon from his body, but Naruto and Chiyo end up bringing him back to life


Shukaku's true form as he appears in the anime.


The One Tailed-Shukaku is Gaara's monster form. A giant sand tanuki (racoon dog) who cares nothing more than to satisfiy his bloodlust. He appears as Gaara sleeps or manages to transform into him. They say his spirit was sealed in Gaara's body for hs father to use his power for the Villaige Hidden in Sand. Though Shukaku provides Gaara protection and power over sand, he turns him into a sleep deprived sadist. If Gaara sleeps, Shukaku takes control of his body. He is actually one of the Legendary Nine-Tailed Beasts (Bijuu) with him being the One-Tailed.

As far as personality goes, Shukaku is cheerful, loud, and brutal, wanting to take control and slaughter anything on sight. At one point, he has been called a "funky demon".

Shukaku is voiced by Kirk Thornton.


  • His monster form, Shukaku is part of the Vore Gang which consists of Jessy, Oogie and Twoey.
  • When Jessy is in her hyperstate or in the Vore Gang, Shukaku is associated with Wind Style Techniques and is considered the fastest member of the group.
  • Even though he is hyperactive, Shukaku is a neutral character in the stories, always doing things that only concern his interests.
  • According to Subuku No Jess, Gaara and Shukaku are the reason that she went into fanfiction in the first place.
  • In the stories, Gaara and Jessy are childhood friends.
  • Subuku No Jess usually likes to write Gaara as he appears during the Sasuke Retrival Arc all the way up to the last episode of Naruto before Naruto Shippuden takes place.
    • This is because Subuku No Jess likes the fact that Gaara is still learning about being good at that time and that she can write in that persona.
  • Gaara is considered to be the "bodyguard" when it comes to his group of friends since he wants to be good again and his sand can withstand almost anything.
  • Shukaku is the rarely seen monster in fanfiction. He is planned to be in more stories soon.
  • Both Gaara and Shukaku are hyna squad members.
  • In the stories, Shukaku could sense supernatural beings (specifically other demons) nearby. This is seen in "MCF: Black Butler" when he senses Sebastian Michaelis as who he really is.


  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare (debut)
  • MCF: Black Butler