Frisk is the playable character in Undertale, who attempts to escape the Underground and go back up to the Surface. They are the last of the eight humans to fall into the Underground after traveling to Mount Ebott.

Appearance Edit

Frisk is depicted as a young human child of ambiguous age, gender, and ethnicity, with medium length straight brown hair, short bangs, and a blank expression. They wear a striped light magenta-and-blue shirt, blue pants, and plain brown shoes.

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In MCF Edit

Frisk will make her first MCF debut as an ally for Isabella and Pipsqueak in RMCF: Undertale set around MCF Season 6

Frisk will also become one of Amy's students for MCF school.

Appearances Edit

  • Untitled MCF story (first appearance)
  • MCF: Mystery of Amy (being told the story along with MCF, RMCF, MCC, SRMCF and SMCC)
  • MCF: Mystery from the Past

Trivia Edit

  • In a joke thread on, Toby Fox posted early files from Undertale saying they were from anEarthBound hack called "UnderBound 2."[1]
    • It was said that Frisk was a young androgynous child who was the step-cousin of "Squeezo" from the non-existent EarthBound hack, "UnderBound."
    • Frisk was also shown to have black outlines with darker hair and shoes compared to the lighter brown seen in the final version of the game.
    • It was also mentioned that Frisk's love interest was a female Cuban cigar.[2]
  • Frisk and Flowey are the only two with the ability to SAVE, LOAD, and reset their SAVE FILE. Flowey is more proficient at this, as he can SAVE and LOAD multiple save states at any moment.
    • Chara might be capable of doing it too, although to what extent is unknown, besides the fact that they can restore the world after the player gives them their SOUL.
  • While Frisk is allergic to Temmie,[3] they seem unaffected by other furry residents of the underground.
  • Frisk appears to be left-handed, as they hold the umbrella, the cup of water, and Toriel's hand with their left hand
  • An interview in 2013[4] has Toby Fox referring to Frisk as "some girl", implying that it was at some point conceived to be a female character.
  • In MCF, Frisk's gender is a girl.She becomes Amy's MCF student and can resolve a fued or conflict without the use of magic or powers like her teacher
  • Even though Frisk doesn't talk she uses sign language to communicate but sometimes uses a notebook or her phone to write or text what she's saying in case no one understands her.

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