「Friend」The Witch's House【Chiika】01:55

「Friend」The Witch's House【Chiika】

Friend is a song from The Witch's House which is sung by Ellen.


Ellen: All by myself

Waiting for a friend to show,

My magic won't help me now,

Not until you walk through the door,

Please set me free,

Don't be afraid,

I am always by your side,

Come now my friend,

Death's sweet embrace

Was once a gift I yearned for,

But now that I have found you

I don't need death,

Not any more

Come set me free,

You'll be okay,

I'll keep you safe,

So I beg,

Don't go away...



  • Ellen (MCF: Daxter and the Little Girls)


  • There are many fandubs of people singing the song on youtube.
  • There is also a version of the song for Viola's side of the game.

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