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Franklin is a character on the old forgotten video series "The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald." He debuted in the episode Scared Silly as a computer hacker who loved to scare anybody who entered his house until Ronald and his friends beat his games and became his friend. He is also the son of the inventor Dr. Quizzical. He has orange hair, a red baseball cap, a blue shirt, blue shorts and red sneakers. He is voiced by Alex D. Linz.


In "Scared Silly", he first appears as a hologram giving riddles and traps to which Ronald and the gang defeated him in. When they confront him, he comes up with more riddles thus eliminating some of Ronald's friends. When Ronald answered his riddle, he goes to figure out what to do. Ronald, Grimace and Sundance find out that Franklyn was acutually a kid who loved to prank his victims in his house and had did the same to Tika, the McNuggets, the Fry Kids, Birdie and Hamburglar earlier. When caught by Ronald and his own father, he apologizes to everyone and joins them in their camping trip as a new friend.

In "The Legend of Grimace Island", he joins Ronald and the gang on the quest for the Grimaces on Grimace Island.

"In Birthday Land", he along with Tika and the others get transformed into babies by the evil scientist Dr. Thaddeus Pinchworm after riding one of his rides. It was a toy from one of the gang that return them back to normal after it falls into the ray gun's hole plugging and causing it to explode.

In Have Time, will Travel, he gets a major appearence when Ronald and his friends help him clean his dad's lab. There, they stumble upon a time machine and stumble upon all different time eras such as prehistoric times, medieval times, the Wild west and the disco era before finally heading home.

In the MCF: Families Reunited at Last episode "Switched Minds", he switches bodies with Bentley before he and the MCF waited for the full blue moon to arrive so he can have his old body back.


  • He may have a crush on Tika in the series.
  • His actor Alex D. Linz was also the voice of Young Tarzan in the Disney movie "Tarzan"
  • He was the first character Ronald and the gang befriended.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; episode: Switched Minds)

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