Francis is a vidio game obsessed Chameleon and the main boss of chapter 3 "Super Paper Mario" He is one of Bellas suitors who has a major crush on her. He is 'voiced' by Robin Willims
Normal lizardguy


He is a amorphic Chameleon, with darkish green skin, dressed typically like a generic Nerd: square rimed glasses with swirls on them, a yellow shirt with a mario star and mushroom, a black fanny pack and is always carrying a laptop around a recently a camera (which he uses to take pictures of Bella in her human form and when she transforms into her toon freinds)


His attitude is like a steriotypical geek, and possesses terrible social skills, usually ending up tripping over his words when in the precence of a girl, though maintains structure with Bella in a really hard atempt to try to get her to fall in love with her. He has a habit of saying/yelling "Hi-TECHNICAAAAAL" if he believes something is cool awsome or Sweet.


Francis lived in his home "Fort Francis" surrounded by his robot kitty maids known as "MeowMaids" and collection of Games, Magna and Cartoon/Animie collection. When Mario and his freinds entered the Bitlands to find one of the pure hearts, he kidnapped Tippi who he belives will make a excellent adition to his collection. Mario and his party then confronts Francis, who on Princess Peach uses a computure dating sim program called "Swoon.exe" to try to win her over, only to end up with his computer blown up when Peach uses a pixel named Boomer. He fights against Mario and his party only to end up defeated and the pure heart obtained.

He makes his first MCF Debout in "MCF Inter Dimension adventure" when Bella and her group entered the Bitlands to find the Element of Loyalty and Princess Cinderella, only for Francis to kidnap Bella and Alig, Bella due to wanting to have the 'girl of his dreams' close and Alig due to thinking him as a rare collectable. He takes the two to his mannor where he locks Alig in a cage and puts Bella in a maid outfit and has her transform into members of the hyna squad (minus Shockwave, Zant and Stark all three being seperated from her) all in maid outfits as he takes pictures.


MCF Inter Dimension Adventure (Debut)


  • He has additional pictires of the MCF, even of Wing stating on how 'cool' and 'Sweet' they are, but say that Bella and the Hyna squad would have a deep place in his heart
  • Francis always uses his invisability to take photos of Bella or members of the hyna squad

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