Francis (Fairly OddParents)
Francis is a character from The Fairly Oddparents and a bully at Dimsdale Elementary School. He is a 12 year old grey skinned boy who was able to beat Timmy or any kid beyond belief. He has black hair and vest, blue pants, a grey shirt with a lightning bolt on it and writsband. He is voied by Faith Abrahams.


Outside of school, not much is known about Francis other than that he likes to skateboard, although he attempted to do a jump so high that it took him the entire episode to fall back down to Earth in the episode Hex Games. He is known to shoplift, such as when he stole tons of objects from Wall 2 Wall Mart and blamed it on Timmy.[3] In a comic book story called Friendly Francis, Timmy temporarily befriends Francis, although his friendship usually results in Timmy getting put in danger, so Timmy eventually cuts him off and Francis goes back to bullying him. In Transparents!, it is revealed that he has a vicious bulldog that eats first-graders.

School lifeEdit

By far the most feared kid in the school, and possibly the entire school district, Francis strikes fear into the hearts of lesser children every day at school. In most cases, every child is smaller than the freakishly large for his age Francis, and so he has plenty of victims. Among his favorites are Timmy Turner, A.J., and Chester McBadbatElmer and Sanjay are also at his mercy. None of the other popular kids have ever been seen suffering his wrath, although he did once kick sand in Trixie Tang's face, albeit in an attempt to win her over, and also fought against her and Veronica when they were all turned into superheroes/villains by one of Timmy's wishes.

Francis is occasionally seen with a bunch of other sketchy looking, unnamed males around his age group that function as his gang. Once after Timmy beat up Francis and became "the toughest kid at school", bigger and scarier bullies started showing up from all over the state to challenge Timmy's title as toughest kid. Even after being beaten up or corrected by Timmy many times, he usually reverts to his old ways by his next appearance

MCF Stories Edit

Francis appears as one of Mindy's henchmen in "RMCF: Meet the New Girl" along with Sperg who bully Riley on her first day at Cartoon Town before the Rookies bet them to make Riley popular, get a boyfriend and become queen of the Middle School formal by the end of the week. They agreed, but they along with Mindy decide to cheat on the bet by having Mindy frame Riley for sabotages until the Rookies stop them. Sperg and Francis later tear Riley's dress(which the Rookies made for her) before they and Mindy tried to temporarilyt ake over the school. When Riley defeated Mindy and the Rookies won the bet, Lilo called off the bet and Guu ate him and Sperg for a while as their punishment.

Appearences Edit

  • RMCF: Meet the New Girl(Debut)


  • Since Season 6, Francis rarely appears except for brief cameos, usually showing up to beat up Timmy.
  • Francis has been on the moon in Hex Games.
  • In "Kung Timmy", Cosmo says that Francis started puberty early.
  • In "Hex Games", he is stated to be 12 years old by Vicky.
  • He was voiced by Butch Hartman in "Manic Mom-Day", making the latter episode the only instance where Francis was not voiced by Faith Abrahams.
  • It is possible that he is a rival to not only the Rookies, but to the Kid Crusaders as welll.

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