Fluttershy is one of the Mane Six and she's a friend to the MCF. Fluttershy is the kind one of the group who despite being a Pegasai stays close to the ground. She speaks in a soft like voice which gives her her name. She is voiced by Andrea Libman.


Fluttershy is a yellow pegasai with pink butterfly cutie mark on her flank and mane. In the pilot, Fluttershy first meets Twilight and Spike and she was timid, but as she got to know, she started to crawl out of her shell...a little bit. Fluttershy has the Element of Kindness which developed after she pulled a thorn out of the manticore's paw while she and the girls were on their way to defeat Nightmare Moon.

Fluttershy EqG Full Body

Fluttershy as a human in "Equestria Girls"

Fluttershy has a lot of animals to take care of, one of them being her hilarous pet bunny Angel. She is very loving with animals and make sure they're treated with love and care

She has a special technique called "The Stare" which she uses on victims to obey her command without being mean, after Discord hypnotized her to be cruel and when she joined Iron Will's training to learn how to stand up for herself.


  • MCF and the Beanstalk(cameo)
  • MCF: The Race of Death(debut)
  • MCF and the Pony Mystery
  • MCF: Adventures in Ponyville

Trivia Edit

  • Out of the Mane Six, Flutershy is immune to Discord's hypnosis.
  • One of the most famous scenes for Fluttershy is when she gives her yea cheer
  • Due to her kind nature, Bella and most of the hyna squad call her little flower or Little sister or Butterfly due to her soft nature.