Flip LIttle Nemo
Flip is the triagonist of "Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland." He is what teh Slumberland people call the troublemaker and he's always gettign into mischief which makes him wanted by teh guards. He has green skin with peach for his muzzle, hands, a pink bowtie, a white shirt,  a yellow vest, brown pants, shoes, jacket and top hat. He is voiced by the legendary Mickey Rooney.


Flip first appears flying on his crow Flap and causing mischief until he meets Nemo, who arrives in Slumberland to be King Morpheous's heir and his daughter Princess Camille's playmate"(but presumingly to find her a suitable husband). He shows Nemo a map to NightmareLand, a place no one is ever allowed to go because of the evil Nightmare King. He leads Nemo to upside down room, where Nemo falls into teh playroom of King Morpheous. He is seen after Nemo is being tutored by his teachers on how to be a prince and he leads him into his michief making ways, dodging the guards at all costs until they reach a underground catacomb where a big door is. Nemo is shocked that the door is the same door King Morpheous told him not to open with the Dragon Key, but Flip tempts him into doing it anyways. He drops Nemo off a few minutes late for his coronation as Prince of Slumberland and almost escapes once the Nightmare King who has escaped once Nemo opened the door, comes in and captures Morpheous. Flip blames the trick on Nemo, much to Camille and the civilians' shock. However, Flip is caught, said as guilty and is sentenced to being sent into space by a cannon, but since he has a map to Nightmareland, he is told to guide Nemo, Camille, Icarus(Nemo's pet squirrel), and Professor Genius there, under the condition of no cigar smoking. Flip drives the boat until the water goblins come in and steer them off course, but luckily getting them onto the land part of Nightmareland. However, during their watery encounter, hte ink went off the map. Flip goes off-course to redraw the map and sneak a cigar, but the Boomps(good goblins) help him. Flip, startled gets everyone's attention and blames them for giving him teh cigar, but the Boomps tell the truth,making everyone mad at Flip. When teh Boomps offer to guide temh to Nightmareland, Camille fires Flip and hires them, but makes Flip carry the luggage. As Flip tries to get some shut-eye, the Nightmare King's goons capture him, Camille and Professor Genius making Nemo and the Boomps go to rescue them. Once the Nightmare King is defeated, Flip rides on Flap again, saying offering to take care of Slumberland while Nemo goe back home and pulls a prank on Nemo and Camille before smoking a big cigar, causing him to cough and fly off Flap before the bird catches him. Nemo and Camille order him no more cigar smoking nad this time, they mean it. Flip obliges and says goodbye.

In "MCF: That's A-Morte", he takes on the semi-role of Krusty the Clown and he helps hide the MCF from a vengeful Discord and his family


  • Mickey Rooney, Flip's actor was also Gus in "Night at the Museum", Santa Claus" in the Rankin/Bass productions "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "The Year Without a Santa Claus", and Tod(adult) in "The Fox and the Hound."
  • It is unknown how part of his skin got green, possibly from teh cigars he smoked.
  • It is unknown if he's going to return.

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  • MCF: That's A-Morte(Debut)

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