Flannigan is a character from Cats Don't Dance. He is the director of Lil Ark Angel, Darla Dimple's (last) picture. He is also a real suck-up to Darla and his boss Mr. L.B. Mammoth hence he compliments the both, but mostly out of fear. He is skinny with a big nose, blackk glases, a red tie and beanie, a red shirt, black shoes and brown pants and belt; he is voiced by Rene Aberjones.

Bio Edit

Flannigan is the film director of Darla Dimple's films, such as "L'il Ark Angel". He isn't intentionally mean to the animals; he is just misunderstood and doesn't see the person Darla really is. When the animals are blamed, he dismisses them from the job. At the premiere, he sees the true nature of Darla during her temper tantrum after she is comically injured during her chance to sabotage the animals' performance. He forgives the animals and he and LB make them superstars.

MCF Stories Edit

Flannigan is a director still in the MCF stories, but he also works for the two glamerous Hollywood actresses Ann Darrow(Season 2) and Naomi Gwynneth Kunis(Season 5). He sucks up to them too, but is less tolerant because if they are missing, he'd lose his career.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF Goes to Hollywood(Debut)
  • MCF: The Trouble with Naomi(Return)

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