Ferb Fletcher

Ferb Fletcher is the deuragonist of Phineas and Ferb. he is a boy who was from England until his father, Lawrence Fletcher married Linda Flynn and moved to Danville. He doesn't speak much, for he says at least one saying through one episode. He has green hair, a white shirt, blue pants and black shoes; he is voiced by Thomas Sangster.


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He and his family first appear in "Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction" episode "The Enchanted Garden Mystery" where he and Phineasare captured by the MCF girls' biggest nemesis Jafar(the man who destroyed the MCF girls' parents' old HQ and forced them to give them up them as babies) to create giant plant monsters to attack the city, and framing Plantara, another villain and Emmy's 'daughter' added to it. He and Phineas are then saved by the MCF.

It is unknown when he will return.


  • He has a crush on Vanessa Doofenshmirtz which is confirmed by the creators to go on when Ferb is a little older.
    • This is a reference to Love Actually where his actor portrays a kid who has a crush on an older girl, who is portrayed by Vanessa's actress.
  • It is unknown when he'll return in a future MCF story.


  • Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction(Debut; episode: The Enchanted Garden Mystery)