Facilier's Shadow

Dr. Facilier's Shadow is a tertiary antagonist of The Princess and the Frog. It is a moving shadow to Dr. Facilier who is like the main henchman before Lawrence came. It's sneaky and sly as its' master.


On a busy day in New Orleans, Facilier suddenly gains the urge to become the wealthiest man in the city upon witnessing the vast wealth of Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff. He and Shadow soon learn that Prince Naveen of Maldonia was visiting the city that same day to marry Big Daddy's daughter, Charlotte La Bouff. Facilier tricks the Prince into striking a deal, turning him into a frog. Meanwhile, Naveen's former valet, Lawrence, became part of the scheme, disguising himself as the Prince in order to marry Charlotte. Once they marry, Facilier would murder Big Daddy, thus having the fortune handed down to Lawrence and the villains.

However, the real Naveen comes across a waitress named Tiana who dreams of opening her own restaurant. Believing helping the prince break the spell would help her obtain money to open said restaurant, Tiana agrees to help, and proves to be a challenge once the trinket that powers Lawrence's disguise is stolen by Tiana and Naveen's firefly friend, Ray. Once said trinket is destroyed by Tiana, Faciler's deadline expires, and he and his shadow are dragged down to the voodoo underworld for all eternity.

Dr. Facilier's shadow is there with it's master now matter what MCF story. It always tries to hit on Raina's shadow, but somehow Jessy's shadow would protect her.


  • The Greatest Summer Rescue(Debut)
  • MCF: Twisted Love(Full Debut)
  • MCF: Meets the Mouse
  • RMCF: The Popular New Member

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