Ever after high

Ever After High is a high school which is from the show of the same name. It is a school for the children of fairytale characters. They are grouped by Rebels(who want to change their story) and Royals(ones who want to keep the stories the same). It is run by Headmaster Grimm.


Ever After High is a large castle located at a clifftop. Students are expected to spend the schoolyear at school, so there are plenty of facilities present to accommodate the students even outside classes, and what is lacking can be found in the Village of Book End, which is the village in front of the school. Some of the students even have jobs there. Beneath the school lies the Vault of Lost Tales, which only a few know about, and the school is for a large part surrounded by the Enchanted Forest, which is a pleasant place to be by day but not so much by night.






  • This is one of the few high schools the girls have been to that isn't their normal Cartoon Town High High School.
  • In "MCF: Welcome to Tiny Toons", Raina transfers from this school to Acme Looniversity because she wants a school that'll accept her for who she is despite being Tarzan's biological daughter and Clouseau's adoptive daughter.
  • If a student decides to leave the school for good, then it doesn't affect his or her life story for it is her desitny that he/she chooses. This is said by Grimm in "MCF: Welcome to Tiny Toons."
    • According to trachie17 Raina will not be the only one that leaves, the other girls, except for Tracy and Tricia will leave.
  • In angelthewingedcat's fanfics 'Wing and Ever After High', it reveled that Wing's birth mother was once a student at Ever After High and is part of the reason the Headmaster wants Wing to follow Jack's feetsteps. However, if this will remained in the MCF story, is currently unknown.

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