Eta Hiss Hiss

The Etta Hiss Hiss Fraternity from left to right: Nancy Kim, Sonia Lewis, Susan Jensen, Rosie Levin,Nadya Petrov,and Rhonda Boyd

Eta Hiss Hiss is a fraternity consisting of goth monsters in "Monsters University." They are one of the fraternities competing in the Scare Games.


The Eta Hiss Hiss team first appears during the call for the Scare Games and they succeed until the Hide and Sneak challenge where they are eliminated because of not finding good hiding spots.  They aren't seen again by the rest of the film.

Rosie Levin-the bulky leader who looks like she's Squishy's older sister except she has toes, a tail, is bigger, horns and is grey looking with glasses and a black vest with the tagline HSS. She is the leader of Eta Hiss Hiss.

Nancy Kim-a eye monster with a stem body and shoes.

Sonia Lewis-a lanky monster, a slug/squid like monster with a black jacket and black hair.

Nadya Petrov-A three eyed monster with dark red scales, a Hiss vest and purple hair.

Rhonda Boyd-the last member. A pale slug monster with dark red spikes as if to resemble a mohawk, and a HSS shirt. In "MCF: Wander's World Tour", she gets a major role in which she falls in love with Wander, mistaking him for Kristoff Sullivan, Sulley's cousin and dreams about married life with him much to his horror. She fights with Britney Davis of the PNK team for his affections.


  • Despite being goth, Rhonda mentions married life, which could mean she believes in love secretly.


  • MCF: Monsters in College(Debut)
  • MCF: Wander's World Tour

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