Enjolras is the leader of the barricades and Marius's best friend in "Les Miserables." He is more of a practical person and takes fighting for freedom seriously. He is the last person to die in the barricades. He has blonde hair, a white shirt with a black vest, a red jacket and sash, blue pants and shoes; he is portrayed by Aaron Tveitt.


Enjolras is first seen with Marius and the barricade boys telling the villagers that Lamarque, the only person who sympathizes the poor is dying and needs everyone to prepare for a battle for his death. At the meeting, he tells Marius to get his head out of the clouds and help him prepare for battle. When Marius saw that Cosette left, heartbroken, he prepares for battle. They along with the others attack the funeral of General Lamarque and build the barricade. After Gaveroche exposes a volunteer as Inspector Javert, he and the others put Javert in the bar to wait til they decide what to do with him. They fight the battle and win, though at the cost of losing Eponine. When Valjean enters the battle and saves him from beign shot, Enjolras allows him to kill Javert, but is unaware that the former convict saves his enemy's life. Enjolras tells everyone to drink for their last days except for Valjean and Marius, the latter he tells to go to sleep while Valjean prays for Marius. The next morning, Enjolras realizes that they're outnumbered by the soldiers. Suddenly, Gaveroche is killed by the soldiers. Enjolras and his gang fight to the death While Valjean carries an unconcious Marius to safety, Enjolras and the soldiers are killed in the battle. He appears as a ghost at the end in paradise with Eponine, Gaveroche, Valjean, Fantine and the soldiers.

He debuts in "MCF and the Crusades" with his role being simular to his movie part.


  • Despite only seeing her die and naming the first battle for her, not realizing she's a girl til she got shot, many fans have paired him up with Eponine as a couple.


  • MCF and the Crusades(debut)

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