Emmy, leader of the MCF

Emmydisney17 A.K.A. Emmy is the leader and founder of the Mystery Case Files magical detective group and owner of the MCF headquarters which serves as her home until Season 4. Her boyfriends are Nosedive and Brooklyn, and she is the only one of the group to have two lovers while the other MCF members have only one. She is 'voiced' by Chloe Grace Moretz Her first apperance in Fan fiction is Subuku no Jess's Oogieboogie: Dead and Loving it.


When the girls were babies they were seperated from their birth families and were taken into foster families, only one of them landed in an orphanage and that was Emmy.

17-18 years later she became the new girl in school where she was made fun of by her new peers for being different until she made new friends in the form of Jessy and Raina for the first time and went to a slumber party with Tracy and Starz joining in as well.

That night the orphans from Emmy's Orphanage home were kidnapped and Othello was framed, sent to jail for the crime. This became the girls' first mystery and they had been together ever since. Also ever since then,

When she turned 18 years old, she moved out of the orphanage and was given the MCF HQ as a birthday present which served as not only the girls' HQ, but Emmy's home until "MCF: Tracy and Tricia's Kingdom Part 1-2" where it's destroyed and they live in the castle with their families and assistants.


Creative, Hyper, A mix of Mature and immature (Mostly immature), silly, childish, master prankster, wild, somewhat clumsy, dreamer, very tomboyish, environmentalist, animal lover, Joker, Nice, adventure lover and very baby crazy.


  • Emmy is the first and only MCF member to have two boyfriends instead of one. 
  • Like the other MCF, Emmy was bullied by her peers before discovering her true self.  
  • She forms a friendship with Westley in "MCF: Protectors of Earth" with the former WatchDog having a brief crush on her. Their relationship is like that of Dipper and Wendy's from Gravity Falls.  
  • We don't know of Emmy's birth parents yet, but her mother is still in contact with her. Her mother is then revealed to be Elphaba Thropp in the pre-season finale.  
  • She is the only orphan of the MCF as Starz already has her biological family, but her mother was gone and the other MCF were adopted.
  • Bella and the Hyna squad calls Emmy a bunny due to her buck teeth and sweetness as a bunny and 5 times out of ten turns her into a real bunny to hug.
  • Emmy is the first MCF girl to have an third option for a mom, which revealed that it's just two like normal.
    • Emmy could also be the fourth MCF girl to be a princess with Tracy, Tricia and Skyla being princess if her mother was Belle.

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