Emily the Corpse Bride is the titular character in "Corpse Bride." She is firm, kind and gentle. She is a lich(corpse) with light blue skin, dark blue(possibly formerly brown) hair, a wedding veil, a skeleton arm and leg, and a torn wedding dress with gloves; she is voiced by Helena Boham Carter. 


Long ago, Emily was a beautiful wealthy kind woman. She was enchanted by Lord Barkis who she wanted to marry. Her father didn't accept this so she and Barkis decided to elope. Emily puts on her mother's wedding gown and takes the jewels from her dowry and ran to the graveyard by the old oak tree. After waiting, she sees Barkis who kills her and takes her jewels.

Years later, Emily rises from the grave, a corpse thanks to a man named Victor Van Dort who was practicing his wedding vows for his wedding to his true love, Victoria Everglot. Emily spirits Victor away, claiming that he is her husband and after a story is told about her, she gives him his old dog, Scraps. But Victor still in love with Victoria, tricks Emily into taking them to the surface to meet with his parents. Emily accepts. Emily visits Elder Gutnecht who gives them a Urkranian Haunting Spell and all they have to do to come back is say "Hopscotch." Once they reach land, Emily waits for Victor's parents, but the maggot tells her to follow him. When she finds him she sees him with Victoria and takes him back with her. When Victor explains the misunderstanding, Emily goes to think about it for a while, feeling heartbroken in teh process. Emily plays a piano duet with Victor, kindling friendship. When Victor learns of Victoria betrothel to Barkis, he decides to commit suicide to marry Emily, even if he doesn't really want to do it since he considers Emily a friend. During the wedding above the surface, Emily sees Victoria and gives her and Victor blessing to be married showing that there are no hard feelings between her and Victoria. When Victor was fighting Barkis for Victoria, Emily protected Victor before he was killed and orders Barkis out of the church. Barkis agrees, but stupidly drinks the poison Victor was supposed to drink and dies, leaiving the citizens of the Land of the Dead to take revenge on him. Emily frees Victor of his vow to her and turns into butterflies acending into heaven while the happy couple watch on. 

In "MCF: the Return of the Corpse Bride", Emily having blessed Victor and Victoria's relationship, becomes their spirit guide. Wander and Jessy, running away from the Van Dort-Everglots anniversary gala, accidentally went into the forest where Wander knocks then hits Emily's old tree. Wanting a friend, she sprits them into the Land of the Dead where they form a friendship. 


  • MCF: The Return of the Corpse Bride(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • How she is summoned as a spirit guide is if anyone knocks on her tree three times. 
  • Emily is one of the characters who Helena Bonham Carter played whenever she worked with Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's films,
  • She forms a bond with Jessy and Wander as if they were her children. Cocidentally in trachie17's fanmake of Corpse Bride, Jessy plays the title role.
  • Emily states that she was jealous of Victoria all beause she can breathe air, when in MCF: The Return of the Corpse Bride," she and Victoria are good friends.

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