Elsa's Ice Castle was the home of Elsa the Snow Queen during her exile in Disney's Frozen. In MCF and the Ice Queen it serves as Elsa and Tricia's exile place when they flee Arendelle.

Role in the filmEdit

Elsa's Ice Castle was the temporary exile place of Elsa the Snow Queen in the 2013 animated film Frozen.

Shortly after accidentally revealing her ice powers to everyone, Elsa runs away from her home kingdom to build this castle to isolate herself from society, with the menacing snowman, Marshmallow as her personal guard to keep intruders from entering. The walls change color to match Elsa's emotions, much like a mood ring: blue when happy, purple when sad, red when frightened, and amber when angry.

With the help of Olaf, AnnaKristoff and Sven make it to the ice castle very easily, but despite Anna's plea to tell her sister to come back home and restore summer to Arendelle ("For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)"), Elsa refuses, since she thinks that she is still a threat to her kingdom because of her ice powers and prefers to remain in her ice castle.

However, Elsa is so surprised that she accidentally freezes Anna's heart, and therefore prompting her to order Marshmallow to drive out the intruders, at which they escape by climbing down a cliff. Later on, Hans, the Duke's henchmen and other soldiers arrive at the ice castle searching for Anna, but after realizing that Elsa was there instead, they end up fighting off Marshmallow and sending the giant snowman tumbling off a cliff, before finally infiltrating the ice castle.

Hans and his henchmen then proceed to fight Elsa, ending with Elsa almost impaling some henchmen for destroying her castle with sharp icicles at which Hans tells her to stop "because she's not a monster," at which the Queen gives up and spares them, only for Hans to fire a crossbow at a snowflake-shaped chandelier, sending it crashing to the ground (which was supposed to kill her by impaling her on impact so that he would make his attempted murder seem like an accident) and causing shrapnel to knock Elsa unconscious, at which they capture her and return her to Arendelle where she is thrown in the dungeon, causing her to realize that her own ice powers have ended up threatening her own kingdom and reacting with horror.

After Elsa returned to Arendelle, it is revealed Marshmallow took control over the ice castle, happily claiming it as his own.

A MCF ChristmasEdit

In A MCF Christmas which takes place after MCF and the Ice Queen, Tricia builds a similar palace to when she flees Arendelle again after her powers being accidentally revealed at the Christmas Eve Party they have with the princesses. It's role is similar to the role in Frozen.


  • MCF and the Ice Queen (Debut)
  • A MCF Christmas (Tricia's Version) (Return)
  • MCF: Sir Wanderlot(as "Princess Sakari's" Castle)

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