Elliot the Dragon is the main protagonist of the movie Pete's Dragon. He is a green dragon with pink hair and scales who is the guardian angel of Pete, the orphan in the movie. He is kind and gentle, but if Pete or any kid is in trouble, he'll be there to protect them. He talks in gibberish which only Pete or anybody who can will understand. He is voiced by Charlie Callas.

Bio Edit

In the movie, Elliott is initially shown as an unseen force that prevents the abusive Gogans from capturing Pete, who is running away. Elliott's true form is revealed the next morning, when the two have breakfast. Elliott invisibly follows Pete into the town ofPassamaquoddy, where his clumsy antics cause Pete to be labeled as a source of bad luck. Pete reveals himself to Lampie, the lighthouse keeper, before he and Pete escape to a seaside cavern.

When Pete is taken in by Nora, Lampie's daughter, Elliott remains invisible, leading her to believe Elliott is merely an imaginary friend. Elliott would accompany Pete to school, causing more antics. This leads to Dr. Terminus, a medical showman, plotting to capture Elliott, as dragons supposedly have many medical uses.

At some point, Elliot would locate Paul, Nora's lost boyfriend, though Nora fails to believe it at the time. The night that Paul plans to return home, Elliot is captured by Dr. Terminus, while Pete is captured by the Gogans. Elliot is able to free himself and Pete and the two return home to the lighthouse. By this time, a storm has broken out, causing the lighthouse's light to go out. Despite being cramped in the narrow staircase, Elliott uses his fire breath to relight the lighthouse's lamp, revealing himself to Lampie and Nora.

The next morning, Elliott is praised for his help, while Nora is reunited with Paul. Pete is given a safe home with them. This leads Elliott to leave in search of other children to help. After saying farewell to Pete, Elliott flies away.

MCF Stories Edit

Elliot makes a minor appearence in RMCF: Dragon-Marie, where Guu interviews him in a flashback as part of her assignment. Guu, being a spirit is able to translate what Elliot says to her about his type of dragon as he takes Guu on a flight across Maine.

Appearences Edit

  • RMCF: Dragon-Marie(Debut)