Elizabeth Sunset Diggory

Elizabeth, Rania and Cedric's future daughter


Elizabeth Sunset D'Amico is the future daughter of Edward D'Amico and Raina Clouseau. She appears in the NGMCF series. She is 'voiced' by Daveigh Chase as a kid and Dove Cameron as a teenager.


Elizabeth is born sometime in the future after Edward and Raina marry. She was known for time travel or such. However, she adores her aunts the other MCF group.

Elizabeth is in a star-crossed romance with the rebel son of Lord Hater and Lord Dominator, Saion, who is also a childhood friend of hers.


Elizabeth is just like her mother in many ways. Examples are...

  1. She is considered one of the most beautiful girls in the future.
  2. She is friends with her mothers' friends' kids.
  3. She knows Kung Fu and magic(though the magic she mostly got from her father's side)

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