Elisa Maza

Elisa Maza is Goliath's girlfriend/wife on "Gargoyles." She is a friend of the Manhatten Clan and is Jessy's biological mother.Elisa has long dark blue hair, a black shirt, a red jacket, blue jeans and blue shoes. She is in love with Goliath and is there to help him and teh Gargoyles adapt to the modern life and protect the city from various villains. She is voiced by Salli Richardson.


Elisa works as a NYPD cop in the city she lived in. She met the Manhatten Clan in the first episode while investigating ont he Scottish Castle. She hangs out with them and falls in love with Goliath as well during that time as well. She also helps them out adapt to the modern world.

MCF Stories Edit

In "MCF: Families Reunited at Last", she is finally revealed to be Jessy's biological mother. She gave birth to their daughter, but before Elisa could give Goliath the good news, Jafar attacked, leaving Jessy being sent away to be adopted by Seymour and Audrey Krelborn. After 18 years, Elisa reunites with her daugher, though she and Goliath are skeptical about Jessy's predatory motives, they're happy with who Jessy is. Elisa and Goliath are friends with Jessy's adoptive parents Seymour and Audrey.


  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare(debut)(She wasn't revealed as Jessy's biological mother at the time. She was wearing a cloak).
  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(She was finally revealed as Jessy's biological mother.)
  • MCF and the Dream Pals: First Meeting (Coming soon)

Trivia Edit

  • One clue that leads to Elisa being Jessy's biological mother is that she hangs out with the Manhatten Clan, similar to how Jessy hangs out with the monsters she encounters.
  • Goliath and Elisa's relationship is like Belle and the Beast from "Disney's Beauty and the Beast." Ironically, in one episode of the show, she wore Belle's famous ballroom dress

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