Dracula Hotel Transylvania
Dracula is the main protagonist of "Hotel Transylvania." Despite many versions of Dracula being the villain of the said story of the same name, this Dracula is good, but he's overprotective of his daughter Mavis ever since his wife Martha was killed by humans. He has smooth black hair, blue eyes, fangs and a black suit with a black cape. He is voiced by Adam Sandler.


Dracula is first seen tending Mavis when she was a baby til she was a toddler, while at the same time, hired a crew of zombies to build Hotel Transylvania, a hotel for monsters to be safe from humans. Years later in 2012, he still runs the hotel and is preparing to have the other monsters celebrate Mavis's 118th birthday with him. He lets Mavis go to a village, but what Mavis doesn't know was that it's a trap to scare her into staying in the hotel forever. Suddenly, as he celebrates his plan with some guilt hidden, he comes across a human named Jonathan who has followed the flaming zombie staff to the hotel. Realizing his mistake and the monsters are afraid of humans, he disguises Jonathan as Jonnystein, Frankenstein's right arm's cousin. Things go crazy as the vampire tries to get Jonny to leave, but Jonathan and Mavis fall for one another and Jonathan becomes the life of the party which makes Dracula angry. After failed attempts to drive him away, he starts to like him after racing tables. Dracula rescues Jonathan from being Chef Quasimodo Wilson's main course before revealing why he hated humans: humans killed his wife Martha. Dracula sees Jonathan and Mavis kissing and gets mad at him, which results of Mavis demanding what's going on and Dracula spills the truth, right before Quasimodo Wilson(frozen by Dracula) reveals that Jonathan is a human,

making Mavis heartbroken. Realizing his mistake, Dracula, with the help of Frank, Wayne, Griffen and Murray drive

past a monster fair and to the airport where Dracula manages to reach the plane despite being burnt by the sun a little and apologizes to Jonathan. They go back to Hotel Transylvania where Jonathan explains why he had to break up with her and apologizes and Dracula accepts his daughter's relationship with the human and lets her be free to go anywhere(albiet he can't watch Jonathan and Mavis kiss). They party all night.

Dracula with young Mavis

Dracula with Mavis when she was a toddler.

He appears in the "MCF: Families Reunited at Last" episode "Monster Mash Rescue" where he and his monster friends help his daughter, the MCF and the Recess kids rescue Gretchen from Charming(Shrek) and Heidi.


  • He appears in "MCF: Families Reunited at Last" episode "Monster Mash Rescue", but since he knows not all humans are bad and has accepted Mavis's boyfriend Jonathan, it may be implied that he knows his daughter is a member of the RMCF and is a friend of the MCF.
  • A running gag is that someone would think Dracula says the famous "Bleh, bleh blech" thing.
  • He can't hypnotize through contact lenses, and when Jonny revealed them, he calls it the most disgusting thing he's seen.
  • He wears purple under his cape so the people wouldn't get in trouble for using red.
  • This version of Dracula says that human blood is too fatty, which could mean he and Mavis suck other blood from scorpions and mice.


  • MCF: Families Reunited At Last(debut; Monster Mash Rescue)