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Dr. Otto Scratchensniff is a character on "Animaniacs." He is a doctor and psychatrist whose task throughout the show is to tame the zany Warners under the orders of the CEO of the Warner Studio, Thaddeus Plotz. He has a bald head, a doctor's shirt, blue pants and black shoes and he speaks in a German accent. Like Yakko, he is voiced by Rob Paulsen.


In the first episode, "De-zanitied", Scratchensniff used to have hair and he was the best Psychatrist in the studio. His life changed when the Warner Brothers and Sister, Yakko, Wakko and Dot escaped the tower. After using Hello Nurse to distract the boys and an annoyed Dot, Scratchensniff is called by Plotz who orders him to dezanitize the Warners. After a session with them, he get so annoyed he tears his hair off, literally. He tries again(this time havign the Warners seperately), but no success either. He finally tears his hair off, turning him bald. Throughout the series, he tries to dezanitize/capture them if they go out of hand. Other times he could be like a father figure to them despite them being pests around him.

He is set to appear in "MCF and the Warner Case" by trachie17.


  • He has a girlfriend named Frau Hassenfeffer, who is a glutton.
  • He is allergic to poison oak.
  • In "The Monkey Song", he sleeps with a teddy bear.


  • MCF and the Warner Case(debut; upcoming)