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Doctor Dillamond is a Goat who has the ability to speak and interact with humans. He is a professor at Shiz University. Because he was one of the only Animal professor at Shiz ("Animals" starting with a capital letter, like "Goat", are sentient beings), he is subjected to discrimination from his students and colleagues. He is a goat with a brown coat, and suit. He wass portrayed by William Youmans in the original Broadway production 

Bio Edit

In the musical, Doctor Dillamond teaches History as opposed to Life Science at Shiz. He is the unfortunate victim of the The Wizard's attempts at controlling the Animal population - especially those that he fears might be teaching subversive or anti-Wizard material. Elphaba struggles to protect him as she is an activist in the right for animal speech. Arrested and removed from his position at Shiz University, Dillamond is transformed into a regular, non-speaking, non-communicating goat. This confirms his earlier worries expressed in the song "Something Bad," in which he tells Elphaba about rumors of Animals losing their powers of speech.

When Elphaba discovers Dillamond as a prisoner that can no longer speak, she resists the Wizard's offer to set the Ozians straight about her reputation, an enormous step in her transformation into the Wicked Witch of the West.

Glinda says during the show that she will continue Elphaba's work. This does imply that Doctor Dillamond could be turned back to normal.

MCF Stories Edit

Dr. Dillamond appears in "MCF and the Wicked where his role is the same as in the musical. However, he also develops a bond to Tracy as he worries about her following what Elphaba goes through.

If Elphaba is Emmy's mother, then Dr. Dillamound would live in the palace and be a teacher to teh girls, especially to Emmy as he worries she may go down the same path her mother did.

Appearances Edit

  • MCF and the Wicked (Debut)