Donald Duck is a very popular Disney character, next to Mickey Mouse. He is a white duck with a yellow feet and beak, and wears a blue sailor suit. Donald is kind and helpful, though grouchy and hot-tempered at times. He is known as "one who gets stuck with all the bad luck." He is voiced by Clarence "Ducky" Nash then by Tony Alsemo who was taught by Nash how to voice Donald since 1985.


Donald first started his career when he debuted in "The Wise Little Hen", playing as one of the friends of the titular character who refuses to help her plant corn along with Peter Pig. The two feign bellyaches and when discovered, are given castor oil by the Hen. Donald and Peter both kick each other in the rears. Peter was never seen again, but Donald Duck rose to stardom.

He made appearence in several of his cartoons like his co-stars Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

In Saludos Amigos, Donald first appears as a tourist in "Lake Titicaca." where he has trouble adjusting to a llama a native had control over by music. He then appears as himself in "Aqualera do Brazil", where he meets Jose Carioca(who Donald dubs Joe because he couldn't pronounce his name). They go out to the city of Rio where Donald drinks cachaca(an spicy alcoholic drink), causing him to blow fire and get the hiccups, getting Jose inspiration for a samba music. The two then go off and party in various clubs.

In "The Three Caballeros", it's Donald's birthday and he recieves 3 presents from his friends. The first is a movie projector set which plays him three segments, "The Cold Blooded Penguin", "Birds of South America" and "The Flying Gaucho." His next birthday gift is a pop-up book of Brazil and inside is his pal Jose Carioca. Jose takes Donald to Bahia, where they have a grand time(and Donald flirting with one of the natives, possibly before he met his girlfriend Daisy Duck). After they grow big again, Donald opens his last present(with help from Jose) from Mexico where they meet Panchito Pistoles and together, they form "The Three Caballeros." Panchito gives Donald a pinata and explains its part of the celebration of Las Posadas(the celebration of the time when Mary and Joseph made their journey to Bethlaham.") Donald tries to smack the pianta and cheats to win, sending a bunch of surprises and gifts galore pouring out. Donald, Panchito and Jose go to Mexico and learn dances, go to Acapulco Beach(where Donald flirts some beach girls), etc. The two return and Donald becomes enamoured with Dora Luz before going through an Disney Acid Sequence before dancing with Carmen Molina. He returns to his friends(in a bull puppet) and fights with Panchito as a madator while Jose cheers on. Jose lights the fireworks with his cigar, causing donald to go out of the bull and being chased by the bull. Donald headbutts and defeats the bull before watching the fireworks with his friends.

In "Melody Time" he appears in Blame it on the Samba, where he and Jose are feeling (and literally) blue, so the Aracuan Bird cheers the both of them up with the samba.

Donald went on to star in other cartoons including "Mickey's MouseWorks", "House of Mouse"(where he is the greeter), and "Mickey's Christmas Carol","Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers".

In Kingdom Hearts, he and Goofy help Sora on his quest to stop the Heartless in all the Disney Worlds and face off Maleficent and Pete, as well as get him get back to Kairi.

He is set to debut in "MCF and the Caballero Mystery" where he asks the girls(and a reluctant Tricia) for help when he and his fellow mates are being threatened by a mysterious villain.

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  • MCF and the Caballero Mystery(debut)


  • Donald's middle name is Faunteroy.
  • Donald's birthday is on June 9, but in "The Three Caballeros", it was Friday the 13th, probably a joke based on his bad luck.
  • He will know of Tracy and Tricia's rivalry.

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