Monsters University 16

Don Carlton is one of the members of Oozma Kappa in "MOnsters University. He is the oldest member of the group as he is a salesperson who decides to go back to school to be a Scarer. He is a red stubby monster with a white part, a bat-shaped mustache, a green shirt and glasses. He becomes Squishy's stepfather by the end of the movie(spoilers).He is voiced by Joel Murray.


Don appears along with his other Oozma Kappa members trying to get members to join teh fraternity but nothing has come up. When Mike and Sulley join in, they get trained to be scarers for the Scare Games. They also go to Monsters Inc to experience scaring techniques and to see the scarers to see what it's like before they run for it. Don uses his tenticles to get himself through the obsticles(albiet the first one where he accidentally touches the spikes). He along with the other members win the Scare Games and becomes scarers. It is also revealed that Don has romantic hints for Mrs. Squibbles, Squishy's mom and they get engaged.

In "MCF: Monsters in College", he along with the others meet the MCF(disguised as monsters) at Monsters University's College Reunion.

In the spinoff "My Two Tiny Angels", he along with the other members get a Cinderella like treatment from Aaron and Raina when they aren't allowed into Sulley and Mike's monster ball at Monster's Inc. More would be revealed soon.



  • MCF: Monsters in College(debut)
  • My Two Tiny Angels(episode 8: Mystery Case Files Reunion(briefly))

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